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    Down 35 in 1/2 PPR, but I have Hockenson and a Flex going tonight. Who do you like - Herbert or Addison? I need a homerun here to remain in the last playoff spot with 2 weeks to go.
  2. stosher1

    Is foreman worth starting ?

    No choice - Harris/Warren on bye; Achane and Wilson on IR. I dropped DCook and picked up Foreman who will hopefully outscore McLaughlin whom I also had to start... My Walker for Achane & London trade is not looking so good right now.
  3. stosher1

    Week 4 waiver wire adds

    With a $100 WW budget for the year, what would you bid for Achane?
  4. stosher1

    Week 16 All-Out Blitz ...

    1/2 pt PPR, 6 points all TD's TE: Engram or Goedert QB: Dak or Cousins RB2: If Walker sits, Patterson, Allgeier or James Cook
  5. stosher1

    Your worst draft pick ?

    Taylor #1 overall - luckily, I was able to pair him with Cooks to an RB desperate owner for Tyreek a few weeks ago
  6. stosher1

    Week 16 Thank You

    Forced to start Penny with Eckler out, but the true hero was THiggins! As long as Kamara doesn't go crazy tonight, I'm in the finals!
  7. stosher1

    Where are we at with Nick Foles?

    Starting Foles over Cutler. Both have good matchups, but Jay is calling out Deangelo Hall for some reason and he's due for a "Cutler" performance on the road...
  8. stosher1

    Anyone else dump Jared Cook?

    still on my bench, but I'll need a better option when M Bennett has his bye week. STL at home against the Seahawks... Not much available on WW that looks promising - Myers vs PHI, Celek vs NYG, HMiller @Oak....
  9. stosher1

    Dwayne Bowe? What gives?

    I'm hoping for one good week to increase his trade value. Right now, he's worthless!
  10. stosher1

    Holy Hilton

    He's a must start for me the rest of the way with Julio going down. I'm left with Garcon,Bowe and Hilton until Harvin comes back.
  11. stosher1

    For those playing Playoff FF

    I run a different playoff pool - must take one player from every team: QB (2) = Manning, Ryan RB (3) = Lynch, Foster, Rice WR (4) = Jennings, Garcon, Hilton, Green TE (1) = Gronk K (1) = Walsh D/ST (1) = 49ers
  12. stosher1

    What do you need on MNF

    Going into week 13, I was the highest scoring team in my 12 team league, but had a 6-6 record. 8/12 teams make the playoffs, so the winne rof my game (I'm playing against another 6-6 team) is in as the #7 seed. The loser goes home because the other team that will be 6-7 has the tie-breaker over both of us. It's standard scoring and my playoff life is the hands of Martellus Bennett I need 8 points from him wihich he has not reached since week 3! 20 yards and a TD is do-able, right? Right?.....
  13. stosher1

    My opponent started Fitzpatrick today

    I traded JFreeman (I have MRyan) to the Vick owner for Britt and Denver D on Tuesday. I was really hesitant to make the deal because I'm playing against him this week. I was quite surprised to see last night that went with Fitzpatrick over Freeman! You're not gonna win many games in this league (all TD's = 6 pts) with single digits from your QB!
  14. stosher1

    Julio Jones might not play!

    I'm in the exact same situation! Sounds like Smith has a better shot to play than Jones.
  15. stosher1

    Dwayne Allen

    Looks like Hernandez is out once again and Meyers is Q. I'm waiting on more news out of Oak, but I'm thinking about dropping Meyers for Allen. Not many other options on the WW.