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  1. Scorpion

    PPR Brandon Myers or Vernon Davis?

    I put Myers into my lineup and enjoy....
  2. Scorpion

    James Jones or Tony Gonzalez?

    You have to go with Gonzo here. Cards D can't stop a good TE this week.
  3. Hi all, please give me a quick vote!
  4. Scorpion

    flex help

    I'd go with Hernandez from a matchup standpoint.....
  5. Scorpion

    Need help with QB and RB

    short discussion. Cutler might be throwing the ball all night against the Packers. BGE is healthy vs Best. I have Best AND Jackson and am really nervous about both. If I had BGE on my bench I'd start him. Last week I saw Best and Jackson sit after what the first quarter?? That wasn't all that helpful. Just my thoughts... Cutler and BGE
  6. Scorpion

    Need help with QB and RB

    My link
  7. Have to start a FLEX player this week: Three to basically pick from.. RB L. Maroney Denver WR E. Royal (or D. Thomas) Denver WR M. Manningham vs. Chicago Sunday night for Giants Thoughts?
  8. Scorpion

    Darby vs.STL or BGE @ mia

    Since Jackson will start, this week I'd go with BGE
  9. I'd have to go with Rodgers in the 4th and AJohnson in the first.
  10. Scorpion

    Should I RISK it all ?

    Wow, that's tough. I suppose if you can wait to see if the Giants show up, you'll know. I'd start the second string and if the Giants are about to beat Minny, put Jennings and Fitz in.
  11. Scorpion

    Running Backs AGAIN..What would You Do

    I play Jacobs and C. Brown
  12. Scorpion

    Forrsett or Carwright

    I voted for Rock, but if its a PPR league, I might try Hightower this week!
  13. Scorpion

    Jason Avant or Robert Meachem?

    Avant. I like him this week!
  14. Crabtree @ Seattle Collie vs. Tennessee PPR league