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  1. Any help or Advice???
  2. Lumbo

    Chad or Gaffney

    Agreed Chad & BE
  3. Lumbo

    Help please

    Hill Kolby Housch, Cotchery, Curtis McMichael Folk SEA
  4. Yea Collins has the hotter hand and lots riding on this weeks game.
  5. Lumbo

    Who would you keep?

    I Like Brady Actually. Westbrook is getting older and is more vulnerable to injury. Don't know how good the Eagles will be with QB controversy next year. Jax is a possibility but their O needs help. Moss is a good choice too. NE is and will always be a STRONG organization. Brady will always have his back protected. That's why I like a strong QB.
  6. OK this is my 1st SB but I'm worried a lot of players will sit. Do you generally play those players who you've started all year long , even though they may sit after the 1st half?Here's my list of players. Please give me advice? I typically start those with an "S" Favre vs DET Brady @ NYG "S" LT @ OAK "S" B Jacobs vs NE "S" Lynch @ PHI Grant vs DET "S" Welker @ NYG "S" Gonzalez vs TEN Jennings vs DET "S" Engram @ ATL Witten @ WAS "S" Crosby vs DET "S" MIN D @ DEN "S" CIN D @ MIA
  7. Lumbo

    The Fargas Problem II...and QB issue!

    Except for the QB position, I like what you have. Weather is the most important thing. Use that as a guidline. What if Garcia gets hot? No one has said anything about him. I like Rose because he's on a roll too. Thank s for answering mine and good luck!
  8. Lumbo

    WR Decision

    Edwards - Definitely Jennings - Definitely Branch - Hackett is still out; Good start for PPC. Curtis - Nice Matchup; Good start for PPC. I too like this match up
  9. Lumbo

    RB Help

    Could be Edge because ATL D not good. Everyones been talking about K Smith making a big scene too. And if Brees wants to throw he has to run the ball with Stecker, unless Bush is cleared to play. Hope this helps. See mine please
  10. Lumbo

    Help please

    Well Jones may be the sleeper of the week but Addai got you there. Dungy said he will play his studs. See mine please
  11. Lumbo

    Who To Start @ RB This Week? pick 4

    Grant Graham Stecker Smith I didn't say Edge because Warner might chuck it all day see mine please
  12. Lumbo

    Edge or Stecker

    Edge could have a big day but I think Warner will chuck it a lot. Stecker looks good but Bush did practice this week so watch that one up yo game time. Eagles D better than ALT D. Don't know if that helps. Tough call there. See mine please
  13. Lumbo

    RB Help

    I think it's Jacobs & Jones. Better match ups See Mine please
  14. Lumbo

    Please Help Def

    I agree GB over Min See Mine
  15. WOW Strong Team. Looks good to me. See Mine Please