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    Week 17 All-Out Blitz (2023) ...

    .5 PPR Flex - Pollard, Collins , or Puka (on bench last week, but still managed to win)? Lineup: Hurts, JJ, AJ, Aiyuk, JT, Kamara, McBride
  2. treewarden

    Ty Long designation?!

    With Badgley still out why hasn't Yahoo changed P Ty Jones designation to include K? Just another reason to change provider service! End of rant: back to your regularly scheduled program
  3. treewarden

    Duke Johnson traded to Texans

    Already fielding offers for Duke: D Foreman for Duke 2020 2nd round rookie pick for Duke They'll need to up their offer... Anyone else getting offers?
  4. Or stated another way, which starting QB is most likely injured? End of SFB draft and looking for a flyer on a back up QB that might take over and produce...
  5. treewarden

    Back up QB most likely to succeed?

    Fitzmagic went earlier as the perceived starter; leaning toward Bortles (weapons) or Grier (running potential)..
  6. 2 $$$ championships this year! 10 team Auction 2 QB Standard Scoring Non-PPR Brady Goff Bell Hunt Evans M Bryant Funchess Kelce Flex - D Lewis Boswell Jax 10 team Draft Standard Scoring Non-PPR Goff Gurley Hunt Cooks Tate M Bryant Graham Lambo Jax
  7. treewarden

    Well this is a first.

    It's inconceivable but never have I seen a full 16 player roster outscored by a 6 person bench! And one bench player even had negative points!!! Player Proj Fan Pts D. Carr Oak - QB 25.19 6.43 QB M. Crabtree Oak - WR 12.33 5 WR A. Hurns Jax - WR 8.72 1.9 WR D. Inman SD - WR 6.23 5.1 WR D. Murray Phi - RB ð~ 16.43 7.1 RB D. Freeman Atl - RB 20.2 4.3 RB J. Graham Sea - TE 8.01 3.9 TE R. Rodgers GB - TE 5.88 0.7 W/R/T C. Catanzaro Ari - K 8.67 10 K P. Worrilow Atl - LB ð~ 7.18 13.1 D S. Tulloch Det - LB 5.49 2.5 D P. Posluszny Jax - LB 9.44 7 LB M. Brockers StL - DT 1.93 3 DT C. Dunlap Cin - DE ð~ 5.63 1 DE B. Maxwell Phi - CB 6.94 3.5 CB E. Weddle SD - S 8.09 2.5 S 156.36 77.03 TOTAL Player Proj Fan Pts C. Anderson Den - RB ð~ 6.44 7.2 BN A. Boldin SF - WR 7.24 9.3 BN C. Spiller NO - RB ð~ – – BN D. Harris NYG - WR – – BN M. Stafford Det - QB 21.19 18.5 BN J. Allen Bal - RB 4.75 11.5 BN T. Rawls Sea - RB 12.79 37.5 BN D. Cobb Ten - RB 2.5 -0.3 BN L. Collins NYG - S – – BN C. Jordan NO - DE – – BN S. Anthony NO - LB – – BN 83.7 TOTAL
  8. treewarden

    Eddie Lacy Trade Value

    FYI - Last week I traded Blount/Moncrief for Lacy/R Randle. I figured w/ Ivory & Foster "tearing" it up I needed some late season insurance Unfortunately Lacy is already headed for the starting lineup this week
  9. treewarden

    Where would you draft Foster?

    Got him in the 9th round as my RB4; the price I paid for selecting Gronk in the 1st round...
  10. treewarden

    Fantasy Etiquette Question

    It can only end badly; your case in point. Either way you end up being the douche, either you advised him wrong or you didn't help him enough. He is pissed now but what if John Brown blows up this year? Will he remember who steered him right? Probably not...
  11. treewarden

    Johnny Manziel

    Please oh please not the Vikings; we've already reached for Ponder
  12. treewarden

    Major problem in my league I may have screwed up

    I had an owner quit this season and the team is fighting for a playoff spot. Tell the league you are taking over the team(s) and setting the lineups based on highest projected points. Don't waver and keep on top of the projections so no one can claim foul. It's the best you can do in this case.
  13. treewarden

    Week 9 Premature QB Speculation

    Lost Bradford for Peyton's bye week so who do I grab this week for the one time I sit Peyton Dalton @ MIA or Locker @ STL
  14. treewarden

    Hillis or Ellington Which One to Start

    Ouch that is tough! Ellington: hard to run against ATL but easy to pass against them favors PPR Hillis: Neutral running against PHI but Hillis can't catch so you'd have to hope for short TD's Ellington by a hair due to PPR
  15. treewarden

    Trent Richardson or CJ Spiller?

    As ordinary as TRich has been his offense isn't in disarray so I'd drop Spiller and grab Bell; any chance you could get something for Spiller in a trade?
  16. treewarden

    Rank these 4 WRs for rest season

    Cruz (NYG have abandoned the run & playing in the DEF-challenged NFC East) Marshall (Still the man in CHI & playing against the NFC North) Green (Just don't trust Dalton every week) Fitz (sad but even Palmer can't compensate for the sieve of an OFF line in ARI)
  17. treewarden

    Waiver WR Scoop and Play (week 3)

    Targeting him does not equal him being able to catch the ball...
  18. treewarden

    Does anyone trust Tony Romo as a fantasy starter?

    I have to trust him (see my sig)
  19. treewarden

    August Mock - Rounds 11-16 Discussion

    My final pick was my only homer pick. Great doing a mock with a knowledgeable group, should make life much easier this Saturday with my friends league.
  20. treewarden

    August Mock - Round 16 Picks

    16.02 - DEF MN Vikings
  21. treewarden

    August Mock - Round 15 Picks

    15.09 - K Matt Prater DEN
  22. treewarden

    August Mock - Round 14 Picks

    14.02 - QB Michael Vick, PHI
  23. treewarden

    August Mock - Round 13 Picks

    13.09 WR Cordarrelle Patterson MN
  24. treewarden

    August Mock - Round 12 picks

    12.02 - RB Christine Michael