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    Who Wins?

    @weepaws - good point. Always good to remember... but, you have to admit that it's VERY close. In an online predictor, .5 points seperates these 2 teams. @scottsind - I like the way you think!
  2. longhornguy1019

    Who Wins?

    Full PPR - Winner in Championship Game Team 1 QB - B. Rothlisberger RB - CJ Anderson / A. Kamara WR - D Hopkins / B. Cooks TE - R. Gronkowski FLX - D. Murray K - Lutz DST - Rams Team 2 QB - R Wilson RB - K. Drake / M. Gordon WR - K. Allen / A. Thielen TE - H. Henry FLX - D. Funchess K - Zeurlein DST - Saints
  3. 1) Ben 2) Sameaje / Ingram 3) Antonio / Alshon 4) Walker 5) Engram??? (Will get TD's)
  4. longhornguy1019

    WWYS - Who Would You Start

    Thanks @scottsind! I have everyone that you have mentioned in place right now - my only thoughts were about Goff vs. Wilson and i feel that Drake is the man this week with a great match-up...
  5. longhornguy1019

    WWYS - Who Would You Start

    First week of playoffs - Full point PPR - Who would you start this week (14) QB - R. Wilson, J. Goff RB - M. Gordon, L. Miller, K. Drake, P. Barber; Austin Ekeler WR - K. Allen, A. Thielen, M. Crabtree, D Funchess, R. Anderson TE - H. Henry, G. Olsen FLEX - ???? (one of the above EXCEPT QB) Would love your line-up thoughts...
  6. longhornguy1019

    Flex play in ppr - which one?

    Roberts all day....
  7. longhornguy1019

    Start 3 of these 4 WR

    Full point PPR - Must win this week to make playoffs. Keenan Allen vs. CLE Adam Thielen vs. ATL Robby Anderson vs. KC Devin Funchess vs. NO Help! Who is being left out? Also, should i play Kenyan Drake over Lamar Miller? Miller has gimpy Knee right now....
  8. longhornguy1019


    Well, starting Clay just took a turn .... Taylor is out this week and back up is in... Does this bode well for Clay? Normally, i think it would for TE positions as a "check down" for new QB. Thoughts? BTW, Jordan Reed is gone now...
  9. longhornguy1019


    @weepaws Thanks Mate - love your confidence!!! I'll give it a run!
  10. longhornguy1019


    @FF Geek I do have opportunity to pick up the Washington TE - both Reed and Davis are available... Can i stream them this week and keep Anderson?
  11. longhornguy1019


    R. Wilson, J. Goff M Gordon, L. Miller, A. Eckler, K. Drake D. Funchess, K. Allen, A. Thielen, R. Anderson, M. Crabtree ASJ, C. Clay, G. Olson 10 Team PPR (Record 4-6 and need last 3 wins to make playoffs) With ASJ & G. Olson out this week, it leaves me with C. Clay. I'm not sold on him based on what i saw last week with T. Taylor. Something wrong there .... So, i have the opportunity of trading R. Anderson for J. Cook. J. Cook has 2 really good weeks before i would start playing G. Olson. Does this trade make sense for me? Also, if i do this, i can drop C. Clay and pick up D. Woodhead for security ... Thoughts?
  12. longhornguy1019

    Need Trade Help!

    Did it - feel better about what i have - and as a bonus, 2 for 1, i was able to pick up K. Drake to fill in if he pans out.... not shabby.
  13. longhornguy1019

    Need Trade Help!

    And just to add to this - QB's get 6pts per TD and 1pt per 20 yards.
  14. longhornguy1019

    Need Trade Help!

    I've been streaming QB most of the year with Rivers as my main stream - hasn't turned out very well. I have a buddy that has both R. Wilson and D. Watson. I'm willing to give him D. Thomas & AD for R. Wilson. I sit at 3-5 right now. FULL POINT PPR Here is the rest of my team QB-Rivers,McCown RB-M. Goron, L. Miller, A. Jones, T. Cohen, A. Peterson WR-K. Allen, M. Crabtree, D. Thomas, R. Anderson, A. Thielen TE-A. Sefarian-Jenkins, J. Reed
  15. longhornguy1019

    WSIS - Rivers vs. DEN or Goff vs. ARI

    Thanks @FF Geek! But, don't you think that DEN def will be extra wired this week for getting it handed to them from an 0-5 Giants? Concerned...