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  1. Bills04

    NFL Draft 2024 - Round 1 Discussion

    I attended the draft in Vegas, a couple of years ago. You'd be AMAZED at the tv-delay in announcing the picks, vs. being there live..
  2. Bills04

    Dave Gettleman sooooo effed the G-Men..

    Uh .. two Super Bowl wins, and being voted the MVP of both? History disagrees with you.
  3. The former Baltimore Raven, Arizona Cardinal and Kansas City Chief stuck a handgun out of the driver's side window and drove off after telling the other man "I'll kill your ass." All because of minor / unnoticeable damage from Terrell BACKING UP in a drive-thru lane.. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/ex-nfl-linebacker-terrell-suggs-arrested-on-assault-charge-in-arizona-after-incident-at-starbucks-drive-thru-191218554.html
  4. First he took Saquon over Josh Allen, who went to Buffalo. THEN he took David Jones over "the other" Josh Allen, who went to Jacksonville. And - I remember that draft. The first six rookies were THOUGHT TO BE set-in-stone. I watched it, and was eagerly awaiting the G-men to grab the consensus sixth-best rookie. And then Gettleman uses the first of his TWO first-round picks that year, on Jones.. "The other" Josh Allen just got a massive pay day: Jaguars signed DE Josh Allen to a five-year contract extension worth up to $150 million. Jacksonville had used the franchise tag on Allen before the start of free agency while the two sides hammered out a long-term deal. Allen’s extension will reportedly include $88 million in guarantees — an enormous payday for the standout pass rusher. Pro Football Focus in 2023 graded Allen as the league’s 11th best EDGE. He was fourth in quarterback hits and eighth in QB pressures last season. Allen notched a career high 17.5 sacks in 2023. He’ll continue to anchor the Jacksonville defensive line for years to come.
  5. Hmmmm ..; Corvette 1/4 mile time = 11.2 seconds. Lambo Urus 1/4 mile time = 11.3 seconds. Basically, whoever initiated the "race," won.
  6. Bills04

    New Falcons QB: Kirk Cousins

    How L-O-W will Jefferson's stats be in 2024?? He got A-L-L the love - but no one gave Cousins credit for being a Top-12 QB for all the time Jefferson was there.
  7. Bills04

    AFC Championship: Chiefs @ Ravens

    Soooooo many personal fouls, roughing the passer, taunting.. Fitting that BAL ran out R. Lewis (homicide) and T. Suggs (domestic abuser), to rile the crowd up.. Bunch of thugs.
  8. Bills04

    Wildcard Weekend: Packers at Cowboys

    Ha, ha. McCarthy getting HIS pink slip, tomorrow!
  9. Bills04

    Fantasy Football ROY

    I just saw this. I'd have voted Puka Nacua- WR, Rams.
  10. Bills04

    FLEX: J. Ford, or several other good options

    Well, Weepaws - THAT decision cost me the Consolation Bowl, unfortunately. I considered your input, but Matthew Berry's tidbit weighed heavily in my decision-making: Jerome Ford vs. New York Jets Over the past two weeks, Jerome Ford is averaging just 1.8 yards per reception. That’s the bad news. The good news is that over the same span, he’s averaging far more yards per carry: 1.9. Okay, it turns out I don’t really have any good news for you about Jerome Ford. And, really, it’s not just the last two weeks in which he’s struggled. Over his past four games, Ford is averaging just 2.6 YPC and 60% of his fantasy points during that span have come from receiving. Also, get this: since Nick Chubb’s injury, Ford is getting just 28% of Cleveland’s red zone carries. Yes, he scored last week, but much more often than not they prefer Kareem Hunt when they get in close. So, to recap: Jerome Ford is hardly gaining any yards per touch and he rarely gets the ball in a position to score. What’s not to hate? To make it all even worse, this week he faces a Jets defense that, over the past four weeks, is allowing just 3.6 YPC to backs (eighth-fewest). I have Ford outside the Top 30 this week at running back.
  11. Bills04

    Need opinions on fairness issue

    That was a BS move, cutting so many top-tier players. Definitely have the Commish put things back to how they were. Blacklist the player who did that, too. *I* don't think there need to be a SPECIFIC League Rule to .. put things right. It's like that Wisconsin University Provost who decided to stream porn sessions with his wife and professional starlets from the industry, on-line. There are some things YOU JUST DON'T DO!
  12. Bills04

    FLEX: J. Ford, or several other good options

    Yeah .. - Weepaws. I made the change. Update: now currently FLEXing LVR RB Z. White. RB2 is Saquon.
  13. Full-point PPR. Who to FLEX?? RB1 is ATL B-Rob. RB2 is LVR Z. White. WR1 is TB M. Evans. WR2 is KC R. Rice. TE1 is BAL I. Likely. I’m currently FLEXing CLE RB J. Ford, vs. NYJ. Concerns: 1) with Flacco, CLE is now a passing team!; 2) K. Hunt seems to be the RZ RB. At RB, I also have: NYG S. Barkley (vs. LAR top-rated DEF vs. RBs); KC RB CEH (just picked up off the WW; vs. CIN); and CHI RB D. Foreman (vs. a Top-5 ATL DEF vs. RBs; very unsettled backfield..). My other WRs are: JAX C. Ridley (likely with QB2 Beathard..; CAR Top-5 vs. WRs), and NE WR D. Douglas (vs. BUF; has no “ceiling”). My other TEs are: CHI C. Kmet (hurt his knee last week; ATL is soft vs. TEs); and BUF TE D. Kincaid (vs. NE; Top-2 vs. TEs; doing nothing since D. Knox came back from injury). Thoughts??
  14. Bills04

    Week 17 All-Out Blitz (2023) ...

    Thanks much for the advice last week. Although, D’Vonta and Jerick being OUT made my decision making easier! Full-point PPR league. Similar situation as last week: unsure at QB. I’m going with CHI Fields at Atlanta – but DJ Moore and C. Kmet are both banged up. I also have ARI Kyler at Philly – but M. Brown was OUT last week, and M. Wilson did NOTHING as his replacement. PHI has a beatable secondary.. Unsure at RB: Currently going with ATL B-Rob vs. CHI, CLE J. Ford vs. NYJ, and FLEXing LVR Z. White at Indy. Like last week, I’m planning to sit Saquon, who is home vs. Rams. The Rams are tops against RBs.. He got lucky last week and scored a TD on his third RZ carry, after getting a short field on a kick-off return fumble. I also have D’Vonta, if he gets his personal life figured out! Think I’m set at WR: Currently going with TB Evans vs. New Orleans, and KC R. Rice vs. Cincy. Like last week, I’m planning on sitting JAX C. Ridley vs. Carolina. JAX QB T. Lawrence now also has a shoulder injury. And, Carolina is very beatable on the ground. I’m also sitting NE WR D. Douglas at Buffalo. It is FF finals week, and he has “no ceiling.” Unsure at TE: Currently going with BAL I. Likely vs. Miami. Very consistent player. Doing so means sitting CHI TE C. Kmet vs. ATL, who was having himself a game last week, before injuring his knee. ATL is bottom-10 vs. TEs.
  15. Bills04

    Do ya feel lucky?? Rollin' with Ridley.

    Woohoo!! I'm up 106 to 104 - and I've only had FIVE players play so far (to his EIGHT)!!