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  1. Bills04

    Drew Brees "out" at NBC

    Per USA Today: https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/media/2022/05/15/drew-brees-nbc-legendary-qb-out-after-one-season-analyst/9787442002/ *I* am not sorry to see him go. I thought that Rodney Harrison had MUCH better in-game commentary on SNF than Brees did. Brees just gave canned comments..
  2. Bills04

    Jerry Jeudy Arrested

    I saw a blurb on this. He took the woman's .. wallet - AND BABY ITEMS - and locked them in HIS car.
  3. Bills04

    NFL Draft 2022 - Round 3

    Ray: after Tannehill's first pass of BOTH halves in the playoffs being INTs??
  4. Bills04

    Anyone hitting Vegas for Thurday?

    Wowee; what a day!! The NFL had a ton of fun stuff to participate in: pic of you waiting by the phone, to be drafted; shot by the new Amazon announcers on the desk; your own trading card; a pic of you on stage holding your team's #1 jersey, with the team name on a green screen behind you; etc. Also field goal tries; throwing passes over defenders into .. laundry baskets; etc. They actually had around 8 food vendors - local restaurants with around a dozen items available at each setup. At least three Bud Light drink areas. Plenty of water refill stations. They had plenty of .. Teammates walking around in purple t-shirts, offering to take cell phone pictures or give directions, etc. The draft was good - but, boy do they set the stage BACK. The centered large screen and one on each side were key. I got in the area around 4:20 / 7:20, and headed to where I saw a set of stairs. I lucked out and got a square of space by a slightly raised white platform. Was able to sit and stand, as needed. Only saw one obnoxious guy - a short guy (Napoleon complex??) in a Richard Sherman Seahawks jersey. After the draft was over, I saw Charissa Thompson wondering around, and she interviewed a guy in a Vikings D. Cook jersey, and then two guys in front of me, in Broncos Russel Wilson jerseys. Ooooooo - did she have a HIGH slit in her skirt!! I liked the G-Men's picks of the Edge guy, and the stud OT from Bama. And, Bills got a stud DB from Florida. Gotta love the Pats, taking ANOTHER small-school guy with their first pick. I saw a funny segment Friday AM of the Rams HC joking that he researched the player, hoping he'd still be there at #104. I hit the Yard House by the Linq for dinner. Had a very good Bacon Cheese BBQ burger with a .. blonde ale? And, to make my night, I got flirted with by a brunette with a nice rack.
  5. I am! I think there is a .. Bud Light Draft Tavern "on site." I'm thinking the food will be State Fair quality.. Has anyone attended one; if so, how would you rate the food? The Linq is just West of The Draft, and it has a promenade with at least a dozen restaurants. Including one of those Tilted Kit places. I checked Yelp ratings, and I'm thinking of hitting The Yard House around 6:30, after the G-Men use (or likely trade away) their 7th pick. Free Weezer concert at 8:30. And, Burlesque show at The Bellagio Fountains at 10:30.
  6. Bills04

    Updated: Deshaun Watson Drama

    Oh, boy.. The Judge in TX ordered Deshaun to .. reveal his body count: The Texas judge in Deshaun Watson's civil case has ruled he must "answer whether he had sex with 18 additional therapists who came to his defense about his massage habits last year." The attorneys for the 22 women suing Watson have sought the information because they believe it will "help show Watson’s pattern and motives in seeking massages with dozens of different women, many of whom he met on social media." Watson had previously refused such requests. He now has no choice. It's a reminder that Watson is nowhere close to out of the woods with his legal problems even though a Harris County, Texas grand jury declined to recommend criminal charges. It was unwise of the Browns to make such a big move before Watson had truly settled all his outstanding issues.
  7. Bills04

    Trade: Eagles and Saints swap draft picks

    Yeah; my thinking is NO really likes two Top-20 (32?) guys, and want to make sure they can grab both. *** Possibly, also replace veteran / rookie-contract year players, because their cap situation was god-awful this off-season..
  8. "The thing is I don’t believe he has an agent." You are correct, sir!!
  9. Bills04

    pro bowl LB wagner signs with Rams

    Me-thinks that was Robert Woods' salary money. Or, Andre Whitworth's.
  10. Bills04

    NFL Changes Overtime Rules for Playoffs

    I'm glad they voted the rule change in. Me-thinks if the coin-flip winning team goes in and scores a TD, the opposing coach SHOULD go for 2 and for the win, if they are able to score a TD. Because otherwise you're putting a tired defense on the field, and now you lose with a field goal scored against you.
  11. Bills04

    GMs, Coaches Fired / Hired

    Wow.. It will be interesting to see how TB's offense does in 2022. I think a lot of peeps view TB's OC as Arians, kind of like in KC, with Reid and Bieniemy. I know at least once Brady "called his own play" vs. using what was called in by Leftwich in 2020. It was at the end of a game, they were 3rd and long (8?), and had the lead. Tom changed the play to a deep out for Godwin, and completed it - game over.
  12. Bills04

    Brian Flores suing the NFL

    ESPN's Brooke Pryor reports, "Two other coaches are expected to join Brian Flores’ lawsuit against the league." She added, "Two other teams are expected to be implicated, extending all the way up to the ownership level." Flores filed a class-action lawsuit against the Giants, Dolphins, Texans, and Broncos for discriminatory hiring practices. He also alleges that Dolphins owner Stephen Ross offered to pay him to lose games in order to secure a better draft pick. It is unknown who the additional coaches are or what teams will be implicated. Me-thinks Hue Jackson and Eric Bieniemy. Other guesses?
  13. Bills04

    Chiefs Trade Tyreek Hill to Miami

    I read somewhere that MIA will be giving Hill a 4-year, $120M contract. KC didn't (can't??) want to pay that kind of money, on top of Mahomes', Kelce's, and some of the defensive players' contracts.
  14. Bills04

    Davante Adams to the Raiders...

    Do a wikipedia search on Davante. He put up 24 (!) TDs with Carr his sophomore year, before declaring for the draft. Also, he has the ex-NE OC as the Head Coach there, now. He'll "scheme" him open. Still a WR1 / in the top-8 I think.
  15. Bills04

    Adrian Petersen arrested

    Yeesh, Elf.. You DO remember ADP and the .. "switch" incident with his son, right? Second-time offender..