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  1. Bills04

    Steelers at Browns: In-Game Discussion

    What a fiasco. And, this happened on the first game of the week / Thursday Night Game. This will be ALL that people will be talking about, likely up through halftime of the Sunday Night Game. Garrett is a former overall #1 pick; he's "somebody" / a diplomat for The League. The suspension should be AT LEAST through the remainder of this season, including playoffs, if CLE makes it that far. And, mandatory anger counseling.
  2. Bills04

    Survivor; brutal Week 10..

    MIke: I believe it! Thanks for sharing.
  3. Bills04

    Survivor; brutal Week 10..

    I had three teams I was considering: NO, Home, vs. ATL; 13 point spread; IND, home, vs. MIA; 11 point spread; and KC vs. TEN on the road; 6 point spread. I went with New Orleans, and I'm now DONE.. Any others with stories to share?
  4. Bills04

    NE DEF on bye; what are peeps doing?

    Anyone else? I put in for the KC DEF, but was over-bid.. Grabbed NYG as a FA.
  5. I'm going to drop PIT WR2 D. Johnson, for likely either the NYG DEF (vs. Jets) or the KC DEF (vs. TEN). Not much available on my WW - others: TB, ARI or MIA.. If Mahomes practices in full on Wed, I'll move KC up over the G-men.
  6. Bills04

    Rough week for Survivor

    I tried to use SF, but they weren't an option.. Used Buf vs. Mia earlier in the year. Nice to know someone else likes SEA. Of *my* teams left, low spreads of 5 or less in Week 9..
  7. Bills04

    Rough week for Survivor

    I'm trying to decide between PHI vs. CHI, or SEA vs. TB. PHI's won their last three vs. CHI; SEA is 1-1 over last two vs. TB. I at first was going to go with SEA, because: 1) PHI plays MIA in Week 13; and 2) CHI is likely getting roasted for losing the game last week, after losing yardage and the FG just missing to the left. But - many ranking sites this week have TB QB and the WRs highly rated, as SEA gives up chunk plays in the passing game. TB DEF is also stout against the run. So - now I'm leaning towards PHI. Thoughts?? (If I use PHI this week - that means likely in Week 13 I'll roll with NYJ over CIN.)
  8. Bills04

    Wk 9 Rankings: where's WAS WR McLaurin?!

    Ah; thanks. F1 is T3, 27; FYI!
  9. Bills04

    D Montgomery

    Chachacha: I'm rolling with Montgomery over ADP. Sucks, that Kamara is OUT..
  10. I dropped his a%%.. Got ARI RB2 Edmonds (processed Wed night; of course, Thursday DJ practices..).
  11. Bills04

    Lazard. Flex-worthy-or-better?

    I'll see how Friday's practices go. I might pull OAK TE D. Waller at my FLEX and go with Lazard.
  12. I'm keeping him. I grabbed NE KCR Nugent the other week, and I'm hedging my bets on keeping him ROS (two weeks., two misses)..
  13. Bills04

    WSIS, RB2: A. Freeman or D. Montgomery

    Whoops; correct - Devonta Freeman. NOT Antonio Freeman, of the GB glory days!!
  14. Full-point PPR. I've got A. Freeman in there, after leaving him and his 8 catches and 72 yards on my bench last week.. Thing is - everything I read about him is he is god awful this year; ranked 84th of 91 RBs.. I do like D. Montgomery vs. OAK, but I'm worried OAK will put 8 in the box and have Chase McDaniels try and beat them (dink and dunking - likely to T. Cohen). Thoughts? Other RBs are Darrell Williams and ADP. RB1 is Kamara.