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  1. Blaneyfan

    Green Bay offense: week 1

    Me too, especially with a rookie center for GB at Quest field. It's going to be a long night for him
  2. Blaneyfan

    Vick Dropped!

    I wonder who the apparent dummy dropped him for? It would take an awfully good team, AND pickup to warrant dropping him.
  3. Blaneyfan

    Is this a vetoable trade?

    Could be a long year for you dude if you are whining about that.
  4. Blaneyfan

    How are you going to spend your winnings?

    2 fishin' reels, 3 fishin' poles, and big bag of herb for our superbowl party.
  5. Blaneyfan

    Steven Jackson Inactive (Commish Question)

    I was thinking the MFL Draft only league would be perfect for these guys, since life is so busy. Just draft and you're done, you get your highest scoring players every week. It's only fair right?
  6. Blaneyfan

    Steven Jackson Inactive (Commish Question)

    My league, (any of them), doesn't deal with it. It is 100% on the owner to manage their team, and that includes setting your starting lineup. Like I said before, I can't imagine anyone I play with even asking about this. I do understand what you are saying, I just don't agree with you. To each their own, and that's the beauty of this game, you can setup, or join a league, that's setup however you want, go for it!! I just know that I wouldn't want a rule like you are proposing. Thankfully, it looks like most people agree that a rule like this is a bad idea.
  7. Blaneyfan

    Ricky or Charles

    Don't sweat it dude, I too thought it was the way to go, and I squeaked it out regardless. I was really surprised Ricky didn't do more.
  8. Blaneyfan

    Steven Jackson Inactive (Commish Question)

    I would think you have a rule about not switching a player after their game starts, and that is why you can't switch them out. Almost everyone will be in position to have to make a similar decision, every year. It's part of the "ieam management" aspect of FFB, be safe and plug in an alternative, or take a chance and roll with it. Either way make the decision and live with it. I can't even imagine someone asking for this. Yes, life happens, but it happens to everyone.
  9. Blaneyfan

    Steven Jackson Inactive (Commish Question)

    No He was in buddy's fantasy lineup at kickoff, and that's all that matters.
  10. I don't know how many keepers you're allowed, or the size of your rosters, but for a buck, I think they're both worthwhile fliers for next season.
  11. Blaneyfan

    ***Offical What do you Need on Monday Thread***

    In a ppr league I'm up 9.9pts and have Bennett left, and my opponent has Harvin left. I really want to win this league, but I'm not feeling real confident, this could go either way.
  12. Blaneyfan

    so long Fantasy Football...

    I think the world wide web is world wide now.
  13. Blaneyfan

    (((((CHAMPIONS THREAD))))))

    The title I really want to win I'm up by 10 with Bennett left to play, while he has Percy Harvin remaining. This is probably the hardest league I've played in, and have never won it. My starting lineup in it(3 player keeper) QB McNabb, RB MJD RB Rice RB Williams WR Bennett WR Colston WR Marshall TE Carlson K Tynes Def Falcons Crushed my opponent in my fun stoner league to win my second title in 8yrs with this team: QB Kurt Warner WR Roddy White RB Ray Rice TE John Carlson W/T Miles Austin W/R Chris Johnson K Lawrence Tynes DEF Cleveland DB Leon Hall DL Will Smith I've had my best year so far, mainly because I didn't have any injuries to speak of. Out of 5 leagues I made the semi's in 4, and 2 title games. Even in the 5th league I scored the most points, unfortunately I had the most against as well and missed the playoffs.
  14. Blaneyfan

    who to start at wr

    Colston and Walters for sure, and imo Morgan. He's been getting 6-7 rec for 60 or 70 over the last few weeks(except for Ari where he got 3), and a couple td's. He is also playing Detroit. Thanks for seeing mine
  15. Blaneyfan

    Really Crappy Choices For Biggest Game

    I think Foster is the guy as well, and Clark over Miller. Thanks for seeing mine