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  1. CookieG

    Lamar Jackson named starter

    I'd be putting him over Cam. Can't quite do it with what I know and have seen lately from Newton. But it's tempting.
  2. CookieG

    Emmanuel Sanders hurt

    Ugh. Not the way I wanted my Sit/Start decision to clarify itself. In Jaylen Samuels I trust.
  3. CookieG

    Sony Injury

    Nice.. Like his dynasty outlook obviously. Has chronic knee issues.. but he's clearly a tough kid.
  4. CookieG

    Sony Injury

    Love it. MIN Week 13 BUF Week 16.. Both in Foxboro.. are a touch daunting. But he really seems key for their gameplan. Was also nice to see Patterson denied at the GL.. and Sony getting two shots to score. Think he got rewarded for being such a tough nugget. That has to bode well for future opportunities.
  5. CookieG

    Sony Injury

    He's back in and just had a long run! Yay!!
  6. CookieG

    Baldwin or J. Brown?

    Bengals D is super terrible.. Brown should be solid. and on paper, he's the upside play. They're close this week. It's just the QB deal in Baltimore that is the risky part w Brown. Good luck w your choice bro.
  7. CookieG

    Josh Adams

    Of course.. We're all here to bounce ideas, certain realities and probabilities off each other. Jones just went for 172/2 against the, granted.. mailing it in lousy, Dolphins. You really see any RB doing that in Peterson's offense short of a Le'Veon signing or some crazy good draft pick coming in? Adams has some upside.. but there's a reason he was a UDFA. Studly talents who have injuries or injury histories drop in drafts.. they generally don't drop out of drafts (insert Philip Lindsay exception clause here). That said I just re-rostered him in a league where I'm a little light at RB and clinging to a playoff spot and i'd love a real breakout, but thinking he's just an interesting flier for now. I had stashed Jamal Williams last year.. and it was 'Woo Hoo" time when Mongomery went down. Then he got hurt maybe 5 minutes into the Sunday night game where he got the start. Jones came in and it was like "WTF is this guy.. he looks really good". He may have ball security, pass pro.. whatever issues.. but the dude can run the ball. I get trying to keep #12 clean and upright.. but how could they not figure out a way to play this guy over Williams all the time?
  8. CookieG

    Baldwin or J. Brown?

    With the Packers injury issues in the secondary, better scoring game script, Baldwin looking healthier and being pimped by his coach this week.. AND.. the uncertainty/concealment in Baltimore. I'd think Baldwin is the much safer floor play. Could there be a deep dart to Brown? Sure.. Unless you need to swing for highest points upside.. think #89 is your man. This may be his only great play of the year, unless that offense starts throwing more.
  9. CookieG

    Josh Adams

    Let's agree to disagree. I think were it not for McCarthy.. We'd be talking about Jones like he's a stud NFL RB already.
  10. CookieG

    Why is Tre'Quan Smith ranked so high this week?

    I read somewhere, where some fantasy analyst (think it was CBS's Jamie Eisenberg), described the only times to potentially use T Smith as.. to paraphrase, those Superdome games where it looks like Brees is gonna just light the other team up like a pinball machine. So to that end: Versus: PHI Week 11 (this week) , ATL Week 12 and perhaps against PIT Week 16. If you have the need and haven't dropped him.. this could be one last week to try him out. The Eagles defensive backfield was a sieve before losing Darby.. Thomas will get his.. maybe TreQuan can really cash in too?
  11. CookieG

    Josh Adams

    I like Adams but he's no where near the natural runner and playmaker that Jones is. He's big.. but slow to speed and kinda upright. He's been compared to a less gifted DeMarco Murray and he kinda looks that way. If you set the clock back a few weeks and Ty Montgomery was still a Packer.. it might resemble that situation.. Sproles may return and they added "extension to the running game" Golden Tate.. I just can't see this dude having the upside of Aaron Jones. Who looks, at worst like a low RB1 for the rest of 2018. Not saying he's a worthless pickup.. But temper your expectations. If he's the new Blount or even a healthier Ajayi.. what's that.. Maybe 10 total touches per game and maybe 7 points and hope and pray for the occasional short TD?
  12. CookieG

    Rate these QBs in order ROS

    Agree with Weepaws. Also, the Bucs defense is historically awful.. I'd much rather have a Fitz w a Winton tacked on late for insurance, than hope that a run first SEA team reverts back to their former ways. If they're down to Rashad Penny, they look like they're gonna try to bang out 30-40 RB carries every Sunday to shorten games. I'd def feel the least comfortable w RW going into the playoffs. As an owner who can't seem to dump or find any takers for Baldwin.. hoping Russell starts running and gunning.. but it seems like a Brian Shotty/run first offensive philosophy thing that's gonna hold him back this year.
  13. CookieG

    Dez Bryant Torn Achilles

    At a glance i'd still say Smoke. I think TreQuan's time to emerge will really come next year. Think he needs a little more time with #9.. and the Saints will likely bring in another veteran WR to take Bryant's place. However.. issue might be Flacco's health. There are rumblings that his hip thing may require surgery.. Might it be Lamar time? If so.. Will that hurt Brown's outlook?
  14. CookieG

    Dez Bryant Torn Achilles

    That sucks for him and the fans.. and for those of us who just dropped TreQuan Smith for Jeff freaking Heuerman cause of uncertainty at TE.
  15. CookieG

    A.J. Green expected to miss time with foot injury

    From your keyboard to God's ears man. I'm starting him too w fingers crossed.