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    Trade Scooby/Fubars(Horseman)

    Horseman get Marvin Harrison WR, IND Rnd 3, Pick 8 Scooby gets Ahmad Bradshaw RB, NYG just needs to be processed
  2. Scooby

    Trade Scooby/Fubars(Horseman)

    i have brandon jacobs, wanted the backup
  3. Scooby


    I had my auto pick on...didnt it work right?
  4. Scooby

    Draft commentary

    I do wish Jwood would have let McCoy fall to me tho...
  5. Scooby

    Draft commentary

    No real surprises yet
  6. Scooby

    Trading Block

    I have 2 very good dfefenses with the same bye week if anyone is intersted in a minor deal
  7. Scooby

    Trade Block

    Email from Jwood!... My 2.5 and 3rd round picks are up for trade.
  8. Scooby

    MFL Site Payment

    Got 3 so far....!! Keep em coming!
  9. Scooby

    MFL Site Payment

    Check your emails, i paid and emailed the payment info. any questions, let me know. Scooby
  10. Scooby

    Trading Block

    would like to add another mid/ late 1st rounder/ Early would be the best, but not sure how many want to deal one of them
  11. Scooby

    Draft Monday "check in"

  12. Scooby

    Draft Date?

  13. Scooby

    Draft Date?

    When are we drafting, rules say early May...
  14. Scooby

    US Open

    David Duval in the clubhouse at -3, holy crap.... 2nd place
  15. Scooby

    Draft Date?

    Able to draft anytime, I say lets pick a couple dates and vote and get rolling!!!
  16. Scooby


    Sent today via paypal
  17. Scooby

    Complete 2009 Draft Order

    Draft order should be set up in the MFL site for this next year, please verify all your picks.
  18. Scooby

    Who wants to deal

    thinking of blowing up the team for picks!!!
  19. Scooby

    I Like Cheese

    Yeah, its really gouda!!!!!
  20. Want to move up, should have the fire power to do it if anyone wants to deal
  21. Scooby

    I'm Looking to move up in the draft.

    Top 3 preferrably
  22. Scooby

    Anyone else wanting Favre to come back

    Absolutley not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  23. Scooby

    I Like Cheese

    This got the board going TOpes....