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  1. FORE!

    Edge is gone!

    ADDAI or RHOADS? I am finding mixed reports?
  2. FORE!

    Who would you pick?

    S.Alexander is coming off a huge year and Seattle has a good passing game with Hasselbeck to open up the run, But .... he is another year older and Holmgren likes to rest Alexander down the stretch. LT2 is solid as they come, But how is he going to fair with 8 stacked in the box every game because of a "Rookie" QB in Rivers? Who would you Draft LT2 or Alexander?
  3. FORE!


    Per CBS Sportsline; Antonio Gates, TE SD News: Antonio Gates (thigh) returned to practice Thursday and has not been added to the Chargers' injury report. Analysis: Gates is expected to start and should be active in all formats.
  4. FORE!

    Bears vs Lions

    Da Bears!!!!!!
  5. FORE!

    Moss On Pace to Set Franchise Records

    Moss is the Steel of the Draft.... I got him in the 11th round Best Play... WR Screen play to Moss =
  6. FORE!


    He has been out since Wk 3.... Is he coming back? When?
  7. FORE!

    I think that that commish in our league is cheatin

    Don't you see what player's everyone starts before kickoff? The Sportsline System automatically locks everyone's Lineup.... ours is locked 5 minutes before games start on Sunday. The Commish could make adjustments, but you should know if he did based on who he started. Note: CBS Sportline was slow at posting some stats last night. My score adjusted this morning as well. Here's what is posted on the web-site: "Hurricane Wilma hits CBS SportsLine HQ Located in Ft. Lauderdale FL, SportsLine HQ and our employees took a big hit. All is in order, though we are running on backup power with emergency staffing. We appreciate your patience as we recover to full operating mode."
  8. Ricky has 8 Million reasons why he came back to play..... Not found on that list of reasons is DESIRE! He is all about Ricky ... not about the team. Dolphins are keeping him around as a high priced insurance policy. What a waste!
  9. FORE!

    Why is every MNF country themed?

    I prefer Janet Jackson's Boob shot
  10. FORE!

    Just in case you didn't know

    Let's see, Texas beat #4 OSU and #7 Texas Tech and Oklahoma at a nuetral site. The Pac 10 is a joke outside of USC. TEXAS #1 Let's see..... USC has won the past 28 in a row including destroying a very good Michigan team 2 years ago in a BCS Bowl and Crushing the "best ever Oklahoma Team" (according to the college experts) in a BCS game last year. Reality..... Young goes down and Texas folds like a Deck of Cards...seasons over!!!! If USC lost Leinert & Bush... they still have the depth & talent finish undefeated with Booty & White!
  11. FORE!


    I just saved a bunch of money on car insurance. Classic!
  12. FORE!

    Burress Hurting

    From CBS.Sportsline Plaxico Burress, WR NYG News: Plaxico Burress did not practice Friday because of back spasms and was added to the injury report as questionable. Analysis: We say Burress plays Sunday, but there is a measure of risk now. Only reserve him in smaller leagues where healthy and productive options are readily available. There will be more details leading up to Sunday's game, if your lineup rules allow changes after the start of Friday night's game