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  1. Catechuman


    He always seems to struggle against the Rangers
  2. Catechuman

    Old Geeks

    That was the description because I am not pro gay - I am pro hetro
  3. Catechuman

    Who am I?

    Bobby Bonds
  4. Catechuman

    Kucinich caves

  5. Catechuman

    Who am I?

    Frank Howard
  6. Catechuman

    ***Official LOST Season 6 thread***

    Richard is a pirate, arrrrrgh
  7. Catechuman

    Old Geeks

    Does anyone still have the website for the old guess the geek?
  8. Catechuman

    Anybody seen GFIAFP?

    Nice move!
  9. Catechuman

    A review of Top Gun

    Donnie 'Doo' Lewis is given an assignment by Bob and Dan to watch the 1986 cheesefest 'Top Gun' -- a movie Donnie has never seen -- and then review it on-air. This segment was originally broadcast on July 7, 2009 on KTCK AM 1310, 'The Ticket' in Dallas-Ft. Worth.
  10. Catechuman

    Top twenty posters EVER!

    #116 woot
  11. Catechuman

    Gruden wants to be

    the Cowboys coach next year by the way he thought all their players and coaches were great
  12. Catechuman

    Iam a loser

    Instead of looking at what you don't have - look at what you DO have. Being in a relationship or married isn't the greener side of the fence. and neither is being single. - There are advantages to both
  13. Catechuman

    Why isn't the Lamestream media all over this?

    That's because either people grow weary of political babble or because this place is dominated by brain-washed liberals