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  1. jenkins

    Roll with Cole tonight?

    1/2 PPR. I'm hesitant to put him in, but matchup looks great. Would anyone start Cole over John Brown, Landry, or Gage for Flex?
  2. jenkins

    Anyone starting Landry tonight?

    0.5 PPR. I have Crowder and Gage to choose from if not Landry.
  3. I benched him last week due to injury. Seems like he is OK. But with Crowder iffy for Sunday, I might have to start Landry tonight. Anyone have confidence in him?
  4. jenkins

    Is Scott must start?

    Or would you start Mack today over him?
  5. jenkins

    Waller or Henry? PPR

  6. jenkins

    2 quick ones

    Hyde or Penny? Crowder or Cooks? No PPR.
  7. jenkins

    Keeper Question - This is a tough one!

    Don't have to give up any rounds. Just straight up choose 2 to keep. We play with a flex, so I was thinking Williams was key to have at least one starting RB.
  8. Lot of rules around keepers in my league, but basically we can only keep 2 players. And we can keep them twice, so you have them for 3 years. I have to choose between: Mahomes D. Williams Kittle Am I crazy to consider keeping Williams and Kittle instead of Mahomes?? I just figure that I may be able to get a QB later that won't have as big as a gap between Kittle and whatever TE I get later.
  9. jenkins

    TY Hilton: No practice for him Friday

    Better not. I have both.
  10. jenkins

    Brees or Luck?

    TY active. Thinking Luck at home. Is it crazy to bench Brees for Luck? Or am I just thinking about it because Im going against Brees in a different league?
  11. Am I crazy to think about benching Mahomes for Rivers? Just think Rivers has better matchup today.
  12. jenkins

    Need help with 3 Start/Sit choices

    Agreed. I also have Burton and Cook and i'm going with Burton
  13. Who gets the start this week? 0.5 ppr Lindsay. With Freeman banged up Lindsay may finally see the carries he deserves. Latavius. Cook out. New Orleans has been tough against the run Kerryon Johnson. Seems hit or miss lately. Will definitely get vultured if they get close.
  14. Murray looking good. Start him over Lindsay and Collins?
  15. jenkins

    Minn WR

    Thoughts now that preseason has started. Diggs with 3 quick catches and TD on first drive. Sign of things to come? Or Thielen still preferred at a 0.5 ppr?