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    2019 Who is in... Who is out?

    and TD pass needs to be cut from 6 to 4. I haven't played in a 6 point pass TD league since world war 2. We really need to get with the times. I'll even let teams pick-up FA's during future playoff's as a show of good will. Or I can just ~stick. I'm fine with either scenario.
  2. mobb_deep

    79 points? Good showing...

    Are the WW rules stupid, or are the people who don't know them stupid? Question for the ages. I know the league mantra is to not know the rules and then complain about them after the fact. But at some point, you boys will need to learn to accept responsibility for yourselves. Too bad the league is folding, so we will never reach that milestone.
  3. mobb_deep

    79 points? Good showing...

    My team really showed up and played some great D this week. Very proud of their effort. Hopefully they can play with the same tenacity, against a most formidable of queer opponents in the championship.
  4. mobb_deep

    Is This Collusion? (Biological Brothers Scenario)

    just do a tradeback. In that scenario, you and another owner enter into an agreement in an effort to improve your teams and only your teams. Tradebacks meet that criteria. Collusion only occurs when one player willingly hurts his own team to help another team. People just quickly jump the the conclusion that tradebacks are collusion because it's a catchy sound bite. But when you think about it, that stance is illogical
  5. mobb_deep

    Cam celebrating a first down while clock runs down

    My entire team literally crapped the bed. Probably the best team I ever had. Goff Michael Thomas Tyreek Hill Edelman Cooper Kamara Fournette (played Marlon Mack most of the year) Kittle 80ish points. Averaged 150+ all year.
  6. mobb_deep

    Pitbull - Cover of "Africa" - Toto

    Better than The Disturbed remake of The Sound of Silence.
  7. Detroit and Chicago beg to differ.
  8. They usually target affluent neighborhoods. Maybe living in a shithole is saving you?
  9. mobb_deep

    Could you survive being single now?

    Mentally or financially?
  10. If youre into that whole I like my presidents like I like my mob bosses look. Id argue hes the worst president in my lifetime. And thats saying a lot, given Carter, Obama, and Bush 2 were very bad presidents. I did miss Nixon by a year, or he might have won the title.
  11. Don't get me wrong, I don't think SNL is funny either. Haven't watched it since the Adam Sandler/Norm MacDonald/Chris Farley days. I just think Trump writes the material for the current iteration himself.
  12. I dont think you get the point that if Trump wasnt a gigantic ass dart, that said outlandish and unpresidential sh!t pretty much non-stop, he wouldnt be treated as such. 99% of Trumps criticism and the media frenzy surrounding his presidency is self inflicted. Its not because hes a republican. Its because hes a moron.
  13. http://www.nbc.com/saturday-night-live/playlist/barack-obama-collection-208696
  14. mobb_deep

    Stock Market- Ouch!

    I think everyone knew this was coming. Meanwhile, a lot of these same corporations are laying people off. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/copmanies-spent-record-1-trillion-buying-back-their-own-stock-this-year/ U.S. companies have spent $1 trillion this year on buying back their own stock—a record figure reached three weeks before year's end. That's according to TrimTabs, an investment research firm. One trillion dollars, a round number of epic proportions, is roughly equal to the amount U.S. consumers are expected to spend this holiday shopping season. It's also larger than the gross domestic product of 166 countries. Just in the past week, pharmaceutical giants Pfizer and AbbVie announced a combined $15 billion in stock buybacks. Pioneer Natural Resources, an oil extraction company, announced a $2 billion buyback, and animal medicine maker Zoetis announced another $2 billion. The GOP-championed tax cuts have encouraged buybacks by making even more cash available to companies at at time when they are sitting on historically large cash reserves, without guidance from lawmakers on how to spend that money -- say, requirements to hire workers or boost pay in return for their tax windfalls, which the tax law did not include.
  15. I dont know about you guys, but Im shocked FFTeam Trump doesnt find SNL funny.
  16. They're both old, lumpy and wear a ton of make-up. Kindred spirits.
  17. He'll be whatever you want him to be, for the right amount of money.
  18. The only guy I constantly hear crying about how unfair everything is is the bad orange man.
  19. Is it that its not funny, or is it that some people dont have a sense of humor? Remind me again who the snowflake that cant handle comedians at the correspondents dinner is?
  20. Such a cuck b!tch. Embarrassing.
  21. mobb_deep

    2018 DNDL Postseason

    Theyve always locked at the end of the regulater season.
  22. mobb_deep

    2018 DNDL Postseason

    Owned. Lol.
  23. mobb_deep

    What are you getting your wife for Christmas?

    Getting your wife a sauté pan is super romantic.