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  1. I’ve been trying to figure out what So Cal is famous for. We have the best Mexican food in the country, so I want to say Fish Tacos, but that’s something we obviously imported from south of the border.
  2. mobb_deep

    Nobody cares about your Fantasy Team

    Haha. Good to see you. I'm just passing through. I legit believe my continued sobriety and happiness would be in jeopardy if I went full bored again. As much as I love many of the old timers, this place is toxic as hell!
  3. mobb_deep

    Student Loan “forgiveness”

    Fair enough. I have had a CD for her since she was born, and definitely don’t feel it’s not my responsibility to help her. On the counter side, of all the things our government spends our tax dollars on, I believe education and healthcare should be priority. Just behind military/border protection and critical infrastructure. It’s to the benefit of all IMO.
  4. mobb_deep

    Student Loan “forgiveness”

    It did feel great. I remember posting about it on Facebook haha. One of my prouder moments in life. It definitely shouldn’t be free, and I agree that economics/finances should be prioritized over the arts in primary school.
  5. mobb_deep

    Student Loan “forgiveness”

    Yah I dunno. I don’t do politics, so you won’t get any bites from me on that one. I only speak on my own personal experience, and my reflections later in life. I was a 19 year old, on my own financially, with a choice to either join the military or take out a loan if I wanted to “learn computers”. I’ve gone on to have a successful career, paid my loan, etc. etc. But it wasn’t without great sacrifice and some really dicey financial positions along the way. And this was all in the early 90’s, when the cost of education was much lower when adjusted to cost of living. Now having a teenager myself, I’d hate to see her go through the same hardship, and I ultimately believe a highly educated society is beneficial to all Americans. The more accessible education is, the better IMO.
  6. @IGotWorms “Ranch Dressing”
  7. mobb_deep

    Nobody cares about your Fantasy Team

    The mid round RB’s are all crap shoot. Elliot, Jacobs, Conner, Mitchell, Montgomery, etc. Pretty tough sledding if you don’t go RB/RB. I didn’t draft a second RB until round 5. Just stacked WR and took a few bodies to rotate at RB2
  8. mobb_deep

    Nobody cares about your Fantasy Team

    QB: Jalen Hurts, Justin Fields RB: Dalvin Cook, Cam Akers, Kareem Hunt, Michael Carter, Tyler Allgeier WR: Davante Adams, AJ Brown, Keenan Allen, Deandre Hopkins, Chase Claypool TE: Dalton Schultz, Irv Smith Jr.
  9. mobb_deep

    Student Loan “forgiveness”

    I’m torn on this one. When I first heard the news, I was pissed and wanted a refund for the 15 years of .edu loans I paid. Then I remembered how young and naive I was when I took out the loan, how my loan was sold to 4 different brokers, and how hard it was to keep current earlier on my career, and I can empathize. I feel like a basic BS/BA public education should be reasonably accessible, and is ultimately better for America as a whole. Advanced degrees and specialized fields should carry a higher price tag.
  10. mobb_deep

    Nobody cares about your Fantasy Team

    Your team blows more than KSB’s haha. Gabe Davis in the 4th? Is that even a real NFL player?
  11. mobb_deep

    Nobody cares about your Fantasy Team

    ‘tis the season! GO LIONS! P.S. what’s up @Hardcore troubadour and @Bier Meister!
  12. mobb_deep

    Nobody cares about your Fantasy Team

    he clearly drafted 7th or 8th you focking retard. your team blows KSB
  13. mobb_deep

    Daylight savings permanent in 2023

    Yup. That’s me. I stop in from time to time. Check in on the DNDL league. Just busy with family and all the boring grownup BS. Good to see you though. Are you the gent that sent me the books?
  14. mobb_deep

    Daylight savings permanent in 2023

    I’ll ask my scout master and get back to you.
  15. mobb_deep

    Daylight savings permanent in 2023

    I’ve been stuck back in the P(a)ST all this time. What has it been like here in the future? I don’t see any flying cars anywhere.