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  1. Skeletor urged Democrats to "come back to the table." after Trump throws a fit and literally leaves the table. You can't make this stuff up. What an utter focking embarrassment this guy is.
  2. What do 99% of illegal aliens in America have in common? Another wall would NOT have prevented them. I like this game.
  3. To be fair, the same could be said about republicans and gun control.
  4. Theyve just evolved into using the rhetoric of their supreme leader. Divide and conquer!
  5. I didn't even watch a single minute of the dog and pony show last night, and still know this is the correct answer.
  6. So youre saying they care then? How much less could they care for you to not be outraged?
  7. That's why they invented alternative facts and the fake news boogie man. Got to love the victim mentality of the current GOP and its voter base.
  8. That has nothing to do with respect to discussions on majority vs. minority. Math doesn't work that way. More of something = Majority. Less of something = Minority. The claim is the majority of Americans do not support the wall and blame Trump for the shutdown, which is a mathematically undisputed fact.
  9. A publicity stunt to try and scare people into supporting a wall a majority of Americans do not want, who blame him for closing the government to try and build?
  10. We now interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to bring you a special propaganda speech by the grand wizard of the really White House.
  11. mobb_deep

    ***Official College Football Championship Thread***

    A close game would be cool. Going for Clemson because the way they enter their home stadium is awesome. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a37xJDmm4KE
  12. mobb_deep

    Propose Your 2019 Changes Here

    I feel sorry for the next commish haha. So glad it won't be me!
  13. mobb_deep

    Propose Your 2019 Changes Here

    Holy crap. We literally have a league full of illiterates. Everyone just keep on voting. Or don't. Whatever floats your boat. It's not like any of you can read what your speech to text apps are writing anyways.
  14. Ahh, Tuesday. Missed that part.
  15. Clearly he's not an NCAA football fan then? Looking forward to his next address during the Superbowl.
  16. Rams and then San Diego.
  17. mobb_deep

    Propose Your 2019 Changes Here

    We're proposing, not voting. We're not discussing or debating what we want/don't want, or trying to otherwise influence the outcome. Are you intellectually disabled or something? Honest question. I mean, it's right there in the focking thread "Post your proposals here, and then we'll vote sometime around the NFL rookie fraft"
  18. I think what's more concerning is the precedent set, if Trump does indeed pull this maneuver. Even if it is struck down in court, it creates a slippery slope for future presidents trying to get around the constitution and make arbitrary decisions. Down the road when a democrat tries the same gimmick to advance whatever agenda they have, conservatives will have no legs to stand on. These types of shady maneuvers are what leads to authoritarianism. Clearly the GOP knows this, which is why Trump didn't try this path over the last 2 years, when had majority control of both houses.
  19. mobb_deep

    Largish poor visibility cans

    Spinoff off the spinoff... My daughter goes to school with this kid, whose mom has the biggest boobs Ive ever seen in my life. Theyre pretty good buds, so weve met said mom at a few birthday parties and play outings. Well, apparently she was recently on some reality show called Botched. Come to find out she has some sort of filling port on the side of her boobs, in which her husband injects the silicon himself. As youll see from the video below, he might not be the most qualified boob filler upper. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bLj4YpQ1XI4 Whats the largest boobs you geeks have man painted all over? I banged a chick with FF before. Was a very fun time while she was on top. Missionary, not so much. Her titties just sort of rag dolled to the side and took a nap on the mattress. Good times.
  20. mobb_deep

    Is there a movie you took forever to see

    That movie is funny as hell. Rose Byrne is smoking hot too. That ausi accent.
  21. mobb_deep

    Anybody impacted by the shutdown?

    Im also against sanctuary cities.
  22. mobb_deep

    Anybody impacted by the shutdown?

    Got it. The fact still remains that the only person Ive ever known that had an Obamaphone was GoColts. Im sure everyone remembers how he leaned...
  23. mobb_deep

    Anybody impacted by the shutdown?

    Didnt work too well when Obama did it. https://www.texastribune.org/2017/12/14/border-land-grab-government-abused-power-seize-property-fence/
  24. mobb_deep

    Anybody impacted by the shutdown?

    We already have a barrier along most parts of the border that makes sense. And dont call the president a tard.