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    Smallish good visibility cans

    Youre into breasts that grow out of the armpits and sit like theyre fighting to get away from one another? Youre gross!
  2. mobb_deep

    Anybody impacted by the shutdown?

    Regardless of who you place the blame on, If this starts to impact tax returns, people will riot.
  3. That was a publicity stunt, not a press conference. A press conference has questions and answers from the press. At least he finally mustered up the courage to actually step foot in the briefing room. Baby steps.
  4. mobb_deep

    Smallish good visibility cans

    Just like big boobs, small boobs can look really good, like Marisa Tomei NSFW https://gfycat.com/VictoriousClosedBellsnake or really bad, like Rachel Ray SFW https://rashmanly.files.wordpress.com/2009/03/rachael-ray-boobs.jpg
  5. Im sure theyd rather have the paycheck theyre not getting, because of the latest Trump tantrum.
  6. mobb_deep

    Rank these cop/crime shows

    If TD was only one season, sure. Season 2 sucked and season 3 hasnt started yet.
  7. Im not sure why you continue to quote my posts, when I never respond to any of them? If I havent made myself clear in the past, youre the most terribly unfunny poster weve had since probably Phurfur. Like pretty much everyone else here, I have zero interest in having any sort of dialogue with you. Please take this into consideration next time you want to engage in conversation with me, as this will be the last time I respond to anything you post. It has nothing to do with politics or anything. Youre just a really really bad poster. Quite possibly the worst ever. And let me tell you, weve had some really bad and unfunny posters come through here over the years. HTH.
  8. This post brought to you by the guys who dont believe scientists know anything about global warming.
  9. mobb_deep

    Go to relaxation song

    I like downtempo electronic stuff. The most well known would be Boards of Canada. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XaJn3QqiIUc
  10. mobb_deep

    Seattle-Dallas Blackout on Fox Issue

    If you have a PS4, just do the free trial of PS Vue and then cancel it after the weekend.
  11. Use your innerwebs. Or your own link. Whatever you prefer.
  12. mobb_deep

    Rank these cop/crime shows

    I only vote in prime numbers.
  13. mobb_deep

    Rank these cop/crime shows

    The Wire Breaking Bad Sopranos Never seen the other two.
  14. Some opinion piece written by some nobody. Great link. ETA: The fact still remains that it all came down to a lack of technology. People had no way of knowing who was better qualified between Jim Bob the farmer from Virginia and John the banker from New York. We have this thing called technology now, so information is readily available to anyone. It has ZERO to do with crappy states being given a voice, as stated by several in this thread. California wasnt even a state until almost a century after the federalist papers were written. Someone should tell the moron who wrote your opinion piece.
  15. That is not why the founding fathers made the elector college. At the time our country was founded we had a group of people who believed in Congress electing the president and another group who believed in popular vote, as Congress picking the pres was too similar to what the brits did. Since we had no technology to quickly count votes across the entire electorate, they settled on the elector college. Thats why congressional leaders can still go against the popular vote of any given state. It has nothing to do with the piss poor useless states in middle America. Youre welcome for the history lesson. HTH.
  16. It should be based on GDP. States on the take should get less influence than states that actually fund the government.
  17. That's in no way related to this thread, but ok.
  18. Not to mention the president himself.
  19. “The electoral college is a disaster for a democracy.” ― Donald J. Trump
  20. It was at the time I posted it. Someone HT'd a post.
  21. mobb_deep

    Nancy Pelose elected speaker

    Giving up so soon? :sadbanana: This was one of the more rambling, less coherent posts youve ever made. Dont go all wiffleball on us buddy.
  22. mobb_deep

    Nancy Pelose elected speaker

    Shes no Sarah Honeybun Sanders thats for sure.
  23. mobb_deep

    Nancy Pelose elected speaker

    AMBIDEXTROUS people are the truly gifted.
  24. mobb_deep

    Nancy Pelose elected speaker

    Why cant you have both? Why isnt it possible to put America first, but not be so naive to the fact that we have a global economy and the stability of the world also makes America stronger? I think people confuse patriotism with nationalism.