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    Who has the best FF team?

    usually I'd agree but that looks like a solid draft to me. all of the players that he has on his team had ADP's relative to where he drafted them. Now if he had got Steve Smith in the 7th and Fitz in the 9th with Palmer in the 11th I'd be a bit quicker to call names. I can however add this... NOBODY CARES ABOUT YOUR DUMB TEAM! :ph34r:
  2. mobb_deep

    Does McNabb make it through the season?

    I just traded SJax away to get him. I was fortunate enough to use my middle rounders on people like Tjones, Cadi, SDavis so I figured it was worth the gamble to get McNabb instead of putting all my faith in Bledsoe, and Brooks. Still got really good RB depth and TJones will be fine as a #2 for me.
  3. mobb_deep

    Is J. Horn OUT for the rest of the year?

    set my virus alert off. that is trojan city Thats never good unix > *.*
  4. mobb_deep

    Ravens - Open letter from a fan!

    atleast you dont live in one of the crappiest states in the continental USA... wait nevermind... atleast you don't live in nebraska
  5. mobb_deep

    What do you need from FMV tonight

    16 combined points from Dunn and Coles. Gonna be close.
  6. mobb_deep

    Parker lives....

    where's that NateBurleson tool?
  7. mobb_deep

    Must share this debate

    i bet sixthsense isn't doing to well with Ahman and JJ Arrington as his RB's. (even if they are #2 and #3)
  8. mobb_deep

    Laugh if you want too...

    a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, a geek forearm member got laid (by a real girl!)....
  9. mobb_deep

    Football Scooter

    he grows on you... you just got to skip over the random ###### assaults and you'll find some pretty decent substance in there. he's definitely no gs14
  10. mobb_deep


    better at what? fumbling or not getting to the edges? oh that's right. both :ph34r:
  11. mobb_deep

    ***Official Ricky Williams 100 yds Thread***

    he's probably running bad on purpose so Brown will get the bulk of the carries and he can earn his paycheck sitting on the sidelines. It's not like the guy has any interest in actually playing football.