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  1. Electoral College





    That has nothing to do with respect to discussions on majority vs. minority. Math doesn't work that way. More of something = Majority. Less of something = Minority. The claim is the majority of Americans do not support the wall and blame Trump for the shutdown, which is a mathematically undisputed fact.


    What do you think tonight's PC is for?


    National Emergency homie. Troops on the wall, DOD to start building it immediately. Either that or Trump is going to show he real hair.


    A publicity stunt to try and scare people into supporting a wall a majority of Americans do not want, who blame him for closing the government to try and build?

  3. Trump plans prime-time address, visit to Mexico border






    Trump said in his own Twitter post that he will address the nation on Tuesday at 9 p.m. EST (0200 GMT Wednesday) to discuss what he called a humanitarian and national security crisis on the southern U.S. border.




    I hope he does it with all those tanks on the train right behind him. :pointstosky:


    Clearly he's not an NCAA football fan then? Looking forward to his next address during the Superbowl.

  4. IR spot: YAY


    Roster cut to 20: NAY


    TD to 4: YAY


    Waiver in playoffs: YAY


    No Divisions: NAY


    Realign Divisions: YAY


    PPR to .5: NAY


    Nothing else I can remember.


    We're proposing, not voting. We're not discussing or debating what we want/don't want, or trying to otherwise influence the outcome.


    Are you intellectually disabled or something? Honest question. I mean, it's right there in the focking thread "Post your proposals here, and then we'll vote sometime around the NFL rookie fraft" :banana: :doh: :bench:

  5. FYI, 2004, 1.2 million people turned away at the southern border. Fast forward to today? .2m turned away at the southern border. But now suddenly it's a national emergency? Good luck making that case orange guy.


    Tragically, the same tards on this board who rooted for Bush are rooting for Trump. Even if they have changed their alias 17 times in between.


    Bush: You can't criticize the president in times of War!


    ... Unless it's Obama!


    Trump: No, I was never for Bush! He's not a republican! He was a neocon!


    You guys are fuucking retarded.


    I think what's more concerning is the precedent set, if Trump does indeed pull this maneuver. Even if it is struck down in court, it creates a slippery slope for future presidents trying to get around the constitution and make arbitrary decisions. Down the road when a democrat tries the same gimmick to advance whatever agenda they have, conservatives will have no legs to stand on. These types of shady maneuvers are what leads to authoritarianism. Clearly the GOP knows this, which is why Trump didn't try this path over the last 2 years, when had majority control of both houses.

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  6. I know there has been some talk about changes people want. Post your proposals here, and then we'll vote sometime around the NFL rookie fraft. Majority (7-5 or greater) will rule for all changes. Tie vote (6/6) = No go.


    I'll start with a few I remember mentioned throughout the year...


    • Add 1 additional IR spot.
    • Cut rosters from 30 to 25 (cut-down to 20 before DNDL rookie fraft).
    • Cut TD passes from 6 to 4 (passing yardage will be changed from .033 to .04 per yard in this is passed (25 yards for 1 PT instead of 30 as it is now).
    • Waivers do not close during playoffs.
    • Get rid of divisions
    • Realign divisions (use total point scored prior year for division assignment)
    • Change from PPR to .5 PPR


    Anything else?

  7. Spinoff off the spinoff...


    My daughter goes to school with this kid, whose mom has the biggest boobs Ive ever seen in my life. Theyre pretty good buds, so weve met said mom at a few birthday parties and play outings.


    Well, apparently she was recently on some reality show called Botched. Come to find out she has some sort of filling port on the side of her boobs, in which her husband injects the silicon himself. As youll see from the video below, he might not be the most qualified boob filler upper.




    Whats the largest boobs you geeks have man painted all over? I banged a chick with FF before. Was a very fun time while she was on top. Missionary, not so much. Her titties just sort of rag dolled to the side and took a nap on the mattress. Good times.

  8. Glad all the boring uninteresting teams were knocked out (Texans, Ravens, Bears) and more intriguing games are on tap for next weekend. Looking forward to these four games and it all shook out just right.


    Chargers at Pats

    Colts at Chiefs

    Cowboys at Rams

    Eagles at Saints


    Much sexier matchups. No crappy offenses. Better stories.

    Truth. :first:

  9. I think he claims this about me, simply because I have a pre-existing condition and talk about it in the healthcare debates.


    But since graduating from college in 2001, I have had a full time job at all times with the exception of 5 weeks or so in 2013 after a lay-off....I have never collected disability or anything like that.


    Basically, his claim is so silly that this is the first time I have ever even bothered to acknowledge it.

    Got it. The fact still remains that the only person Ive ever known that had an Obamaphone was GoColts. Im sure everyone remembers how he leaned...

  10. After they get here. How about we cut down on the amount that do infiltrate? A wall could help in that endeavor

    Get back to me when the government steals all of the private land, which makes a wall impossible at this time. Im sure conservative are all for the government taking private land from law abiding citizens.


    Then you must be a conservative.

    Im a free thinker. Registered no party preference. I see good and bad ideas from both major parties. I probably lean a bit left, but thats mostly because Im an atheist. Attaching yourself to one party or another is why this country is focked up.


    But why does the left constantly make excuses for them then? I mean, every time someone comes across it's a huge sob story and the left goes bananas on how horrible Trump is.


    It's hard for normal people to hear liberals say they don't want illegals coming across but in almost every case they defend those same illegals. Every time. And then you have sanctuary cities. That's going to be hard to explain away.


    Help me understand your side.

    Its not my side. My side is illegals should be deported. HTH.