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  1. Jeez I sure am glad they're playing up that romance angle. Way to cater to your base, folks. :sleep:


    Personally I'm glad they finally did something and thought the finale was great. More people then just men between the ages of 25-40 watch the show you know. My girlfriend was in tears when they kissed. She had been waiting for it to happen since I turned her onto the show Season 1 Ep1.


    The original UK version is still way better then the US version. Season 1 was much funnier then season 2 of the US version too.


    best epside was from season 1 "Basketball"


    Michael Scott: [trying to motivate an employee for the basketball game] You'll be like the dwarf that follows the wizard to the end of the earth in... uh... Lord of the Rings!

    Dwight Schrute: Gimli.

    Michael Scott: ...NERD. THAT's why you're not on the team.


    [Michael attempts to assemble a basketball team and Oscar, of Mexican descent, approaches]

    Oscar: I can play, if you need any help.

    Michael Scott: I will use your talents come baseball season, my friend. Or if we ever decide to box.



  2. This card will be worth nothing in a year. I remember having the Billy Ripken card which had f*ck face written on the bottom of the bat. It was hot for a short while, and than you couldn't give it away. These guys are doing the right thing and trying to sell it now, before it is worth nothing.


    I was gonna post the same thing. I had like 10 of those Ripkin cards and sold them all when they were hot. The only sports cards I bothered to keep are my Andre Dawson and Alan Trammell signed rookies and a wings jersey and puck signed by Paul Coffey and Dino Cicarelli. All of which are probably worth absolutely nothing but are sentimental items to me.

  3. You would think in oder to rake in the ad revenue he would, I dunno, maybe put an ad or two on the site.


    the ads have changed almost daily on this site. sometimes they're turned on and sometimes they're turned off. the "girlfriend" has changed. the counter has reset numerous times.

  4. How many focking times do we need to post this. :banana:


    and anyone who actually believes this went to community college.


    I don't think all the ad revenue this guy is generating is just a coincidence or some other stroke of luck.

  5. So, I'm considering moving from NoCal.


    My house is way overpriced, and I would possibly like to sell now and move elsewhere.

    Bought house for $265,000 2 years ago, current value is $395, 000 approx.

    3 bed, 2 bath 2 car garage w/ RV access on 1/4 acre...

    Only 1300 sq. ft.

    (go figure, the Sacramento and surroung areas are WAY overpriced for what you get :thumbsdown: )


    What would 300k buy in your area?

    I would like to have around 2000 sq. ft. , 3 car garage if possible, 1/2 acre?

    Thoughts? Suggestions?

    Am I being unrealistic?


    300k would maybe buy you a 750 sq. ft 1bedroom condo on the bad side of town.


    2 bedroom 2 bath condo's go for about 550-600k here.


    anything 3 bedroom 2 bath+ detached with a yard (aka a real house not a condo/townhome) is going to run you atleast 700k.


    welcome to Orange County, California!

  6. Because they have way less people than we do. They should need that much oil. Plus don't they all rise water buffalos and eat nothing but rice out of a dried turd shaped like a bowl?


    China = 1,306,313,812 peeps

    USA = 295,734,134 peeps


    People like you make it so easy to be liberals. We don't even need to try and make you look stupid. You guys do such a goob job being morons on your own. On behalf of everyone who knows their arse from their elbow, Thank You!

  7. Agree and Hbo should be sending out refund checks this week. This season officially blows.





    writing sucks (has to be new writers). product placement up the arse. corny one liners at every turn.


    this show has taken a complete 180.

  8. Ok, I really just started this thread as a joke for Meglamaniac, but I did seriously see the movie last night on Showtime.


    I thought it was great.


    Very well acted throughout.


    The fire scene with Matt Dillon and the black woman was intense. So was the conflict with the store owner and the locksmith.




    Definitely an awesome movie and I generally can't stand Sandra Bullock and Brendan Fraser.