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  1. When Terry is killed as she and Brad are shot up in their car, so close to getting out of there. And when Brad is deciding whether or not to kill his father, the complete heartlessness of Walkin's character and all the destruction it's caused for his family, Sean Penn portrayed that character so well. :blink:


    oh yah. i'm gonna have to pop that dvd in. chris walkens is my fav actor (Deer Hunter esp) so I own that flick but I haven't watched it since the 80's in the theater. come to think of it i havent even unwrapped like half of my dvd's. i'll come back with an acurate tear count tomorrow.



  2. Though female :cry:

    Mystic River

    At Close Range

    Steel Magnolias

    Patch Adams (Robin William's monologue at the cliff)

    Legends of the Fall



    What part of At Close Range makes you cry? I haven't seen that movie for quite a while but from what I remember it's mainly Sean Penn and Chris Walkens stealing tractors. I remember Walkens is sort of a jerkoff to Penn but not anything to cry over.


    Movies that make me cry (almost)... :P


    Saving Private Ryan (the end at the graveyard)

    Forrest Gump (pretty much the whole movie)


    I guess Tom Hanks makes me cry in general. Hope i'm not ghey :cry:


    Honorable mention to Simon Birch. It's pretty damn sad when that little dude dies.

  3. it seems like i have to make some kind of deposit to get all of these bonuses. For the FPP points do youhave to use real money? I dont want to deposit any of my own money


    if only life was that simple. there's always a catch man.


    ...and yes you only earn FPP points by playing with real money.

  4. I'll check it out :wacko:


    what does this mean


    100 FPPs must be earned within 3 months of account creation.



    FPP = Frequent Player Points. Usually you get 1 FPP for every 10 or 20 hands you play or some sites give them according to the pot rake. I usually play sit'n'go tourney's which give 5 FPP's for every 1$ in tourney fee's. So a 10+1 tourney would earn you 5 FPP and a 20+2 would earn you 10 etc.


    you can also use your FPP for stuff. like on pokerstars you can enter satelite tourney for $$ with them or buy random crap from the pokerstars store.

  5. I actually thought The Office was better last night. The previous two episodes of The Office I found to be subpar though (bring your kid to work day, and the one before)


    Best part of last night was Dwight's present to Michael.


    hockey jersey with "From Dwight" on the back.


    I also liked those "The More You Know" spoofs they did in between some of the commericals about office relationships.

  6. Anyone have any theories about why the lockdown happened? Mine is that it's connected with the new food Jack found out in the jungle. I bet the place goes on lockdown to keep the occupants inside so they don't know here the food comes from ... or which direction it came from ... or something.


    If this is painfully obvious or something ... fock off!


    Clearer, and even more detailed (once you expand it): http://cmeister2.uwcs.co.uk/hatch.jpg :wub:


    ETA: The Internet at its non-porn best: http://lostpedia.com/wiki/Blast_Door




    that also makes alot of sense because one of the phrases wirrten on the door is something like "activity minimal during lockdown and restocking process" which suggests the lockdown and restocking (food drop) are related.

  7. http://www.ndtourism.com/events/viewEvent.asp?ID=2259


    Famous North Dakotans

    Dr. Robert H. Bahmer U.S. archivist

    Elizabeth Bodine humanitarian

    Dr. Anne Carlsen educator

    Ronald N. Davies jurist

    Angie Dickinson actress, Kulm

    Ivan Dmitre artist

    John Bernard Flannagan sculptor, Fargo

    Phyllis Frelich actress, Devils Lake

    William H. Gass writer and philosopher, Fargo

    Rev. Richard C. Halverson U.S. Senate chaplain

    Phil D. Jackson basketball player, coach

    Dr. Leon O. Jacobson researcher, educator, Sims

    Harold K. Johnson army general

    Louis L'Amour author, Jamestown

    Peggy Lee singer, Jamestown

    William Lemke representative

    Marquis de Mores cattleman

    Casper Oimoen skier

    Arthur Peterson radio and TV actor

    Cliff Fido Purpur hockey player, coach

    James Rosenquist painter, Grand Forks

    Eric Sevareid TV commentator, Velva

    Ann Sothern actress, Valley City

    Dorothy Stickney actress Dickinson

    Edward K. Thompson editor

    Era Bell Thompson editor

    Tommy Tucker band leader, Souris

    Lawrence Welk band leader, entertainer, Strasburg

    Larry Woiwode writer


    Famous South Dakotans

    Sparky Anderson baseball manager, Bridgewater

    Tom Brokaw TV newscaster, Webster

    John James Exon senator, Geddes

    Myron Floren accordionist, Roslyn

    Joe Foss governor, 1st Commissioner of the American Football League, Sioux Falls

    Joseph Hansen author, Aberdeen

    Crazy Horse Oglala chief

    Oscar Howe Sioux artist, Joe Creek

    Hubert H. Humphrey senator and vice president, Wallace

    David C. Jones U.S. Air Force general, Aberdeen

    Roy Braxton Justus cartoonist, Avon

    Cheryl Ladd actress, Huron

    Ward L. Lambert basketball, Deadwood

    Ernest Orlando Lawrence physicist, Canton

    Russell Means American Indian activist, Pine Ridge

    George McGovern politician, Avon

    Dorothy Provine actress, Deadwood

    Rain-in-the-Face Hunkpapa Sioux chief

    Red Cloud Oglala Sioux chief

    Sitting Bull Hunkpappa Sioux chief

    Jess Thomas opera singer, Hot Springs

    Norm Van Brocklin football player, Parade

    Mamie Van Doren actress, Rowena


    that's about the entire population of both states.

  8. We're a lottery team? LOL. One year out of the playoffs. Why would I care if some bandwagon fans left? We'll ALWAYS have more fans than the Heat. We've only missed the playoffs two years in like the last 25. How many times have the Heat? Here, I found some history of the Heat you might like to see:


    Playoff Appearences: (10)

    1992, 1994, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2004, 2005


    Regarding making the playoffs, here's our history over the same period:


    Playoff Appearences: (16)

    1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004


    Did I mention all the championships and trips to the finals we've had since the Heat came into existence. It's pretty easy to kick us when we're not at the top of our game. It's expected. Oh, and we're in the playoffs this year. We're on the way up and you're on the way down. Enjoy your ride to the upper middle tier of the league while you can :doublethumbsup:


    We're also on our way up in a conference that actually has good teams. Half the teams that make the Eastern conference playoff's won't even have a winning record

  9. No sour grapes at all, just objective analysis. The funny thing is, if Shaq would have been willing to accept the contract he took in Miami it's likely he'd still be a Laker, but he demanded an extension at maximum salary. Either way, more power to you if you win it all. I just don't think it will happen, especially not with this team. Blowing up last year's team that was a game away from the finals to add Walker and Williams was the dumbest thing I've ever seen anyone do, and I'm a Pat Riley fan.



    It's also hard for us to have sour grapes when shaq helped lead us to 3 rings. How many rings has Shaq helped Miami win? Oh that's right, Miami has never won it all.


    :o (i've been waiting to use this one)

  10. Why even get married than? I thought the same thing about kids till I had one.


    exactly. why get married.


    i've had the same girlfriend for 4 years and have no plans of marrying her. if she gives me an ultimatum i'd just break up with her and bang one of her friends.

  11. As a Suns homer, I don't think any team in the west will "spank" the Pistons. I do think the Pistons are the only real contender in the east tho.


    I wish the Suns had just sat Amare for the year, let him heal up well, and see how the playoffs go. That game last night against the Nets was the most atrocious display of I dunno what I've ever seen. Steve Nash, 0 pts? Tim Thomas, 0? And of course Amare, 0.


    I'll be very surprised if they get Amare back in in a cohesive and productive way.



    Aren't the Suns sitting him for the rest of the regular season now? I thought I read something about that this morning. I don't even think they should play him in the playoff's. They're a young team with plenty ahead of them. No point in risking further injury to Amare when he's obviously not in game condition.

  12. Why don't you just forfeit the game? A prenup is like a contract that is saying your marriage WILL fail. If you need a prenup, you don't need to marry that girl. :o



    Considering 50% of marriages end in divorce (closer to 70% in So Cal where i'm at) anyone who goes into a marriage without a prenup is just asking for a world of hurt a few years down the road.


    I wouldn't get married without a prenup.


    btw: I dont have or want any kids... ever...