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  1. All that says is you have a lot of stupid people in your league.  Congrats.


    usually I'd agree but that looks like a solid draft to me. all of the players that he has on his team had ADP's relative to where he drafted them. Now if he had got Steve Smith in the 7th and Fitz in the 9th with Palmer in the 11th I'd be a bit quicker to call names.


    I can however add this... NOBODY CARES ABOUT YOUR DUMB TEAM! :ph34r:

  2. I just traded SJax away to get him. I was fortunate enough to use my middle rounders on people like Tjones, Cadi, SDavis so I figured it was worth the gamble to get McNabb instead of putting all my faith in Bledsoe, and Brooks. Still got really good RB depth and TJones will be fine as a #2 for me.