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    Yeah, but that was Rodger's 4th year as the starter and he was 28 when he did that. Mahomes is going to throw 50 TDs (assuming he throws two on Sunday) in his first year as a starter at age 23. Imagine what he'll do with a full season under his belt. I wouldn't blame anyone for taking him 1.1 next year.

    True. And Rodgers did throw 40ish TDs that year, so he wasnt a bust or anything. I just feel like grabbing a QB that early puts you at such a disadvantage at other skill positions, when its finally back to you 23 picks later. I dont have any data on how many people who took Rodgers won their league that year, but Id imagine it was very few.



    Securing the border is an absolute must, Trumps blustering about it has only hurt his capacity to deliver it. Further, it has compelled him to negotiate with the Dems and accept a much lesser amount, but he is stupid as he does not realize that it is not about the AMOUNT of money it is about the PRINCIPLE behind the action. Ther Dem's are panderers of the highest order, and for them and their base the idea of national security through border security is abhorrent...which is FOCKING stupid, and mean....really....reallly.. stupid....amazingly...they have surpassed the stupidity of Trump on this one....he gives in and suggests $5billion? in terms of the overall budget its a pittance and won't build sh!t, so they can chip away at him by cooperating on the wall, but having it be an utter failure....but they are so stupid and dug into a failed ideology that they cannot even take advantage of an opportunity.

    I disagree. This isnt about the principle of anything. For the dems, this is about Trumps biggest campaign promise being Mexico building a wall. They have no reason to negotiate now, because theyll have house control in a week. No wall = broken promise = ammo for 2020. Its all politics and nothing to do with what they think is best for America.

  3. They were offered a deal on DACA. Let's keep up with the facts.

    Not the current bill AFAIK.


    I know the one 6 months ago had no path to citizenship, ended chain migration (which the president clearly supports), etc. Apparently they wanted a better deal. :dunno:


    And just to reiterate, I want an end to chain migration, no DACA, add e-Verify, etc. I just think the wall is a stupid waste of money. A waste thats not even possible, because it needs to go through a bunch of private land that the people who own currently are not willing to sell!

  4. Remember when Schumer Barry and Hillary wanted a wall ?


    I do


    You guys wanna see the video proof or do you prefer to remain the hack ass clowns you factually are ?

    I do. Obama was trying to negotiate the purchase of all the private land along the border for many years. Several hundred ranchers along the border refused 7 figures to sell their land, which made the whole wall idea pointless.


    I think your "facts" ignore some important realities. Let's not pretend this is all Trump, I know the president will want to paint it that way and I think I get why, but that is not entirely true. The Dem's refusing $5 billion for this silly wall is equally important as Trump's stance to demand it. To pretend otherwise is disingenuous

    The pretend the dems should give Trump what he wants, when hes unwilling to give them anything they want is even more disingenuous. Especially considering they have absolutely zero motivation to give him what he wants, when theyre taking over the house in a week. This is his Hail Mary to get a wall that he will never get. We elect officials to find common ground to govern in the best interest of everyone. Something that hasnt happened in a LONG time.


    While I do agree with you on this, technically....it's the Schumer clan who has shut down the gov. Now I think I get why Trump wants to "take credit" for it, but in reality it is the dems who have brought this thing here. Let's not give Trump too much credit, I think he is not helping by any means.

    The president is refusing to sign a bill to fund the government. Thats why it is shut down. There is no other reason. Its nobody elses fault. Hes not getting his way, so hes taking his ball and running home crying, like the man child he is. The dems arent going to give him 5 bil for a stupid wall (that cant even be built in the first place, because of this little thing called eminent domain on hundreds of parts where the wall needs to go), when the repubs wont budge on things like DACA that the dems want. Its the same old gridlock weve had for the last decade+.


    Not that I care. 80% of the government is useless, and the 20% we need is still there. But lets not twist the facts.

  7. not only do I agree I call bullshit on California being a better place than Michigan to live. Fock that noise. I would literally take Michigan over any state in the union. Hands down.


    Gotta work to get bit by the timber rattler that people always say to worry about.

    Can't get hit by a hurricane

    Earthquakes? Notsomuch.

    Fires? Yea. When was the last time Michigan burned?

    Tsunami? Notsomuch.

    Liberals who make stupid laws? Not as many.

    Floods? Not very often and not that bad.

    Crime? If you stay away from Benton harbor,Detroit and Flint you should be safe.

    Great state for outdoorsman.

    Great colleges. Michigan State is top of the line for things like their AG program and Michigan is ..well Michigan.

    People are nice.



    Fock anyone that thinks for a second Cali is better than Michigan.


    Fight me now.

    Ive lived in both and have family in MI still. Michigan focking blows. The north is nice, but thats about it. Economy sucks. People are fat and stupid or black. Weather sucks. Food sucks. Liberals. Top 5 worst state in America.

  8. Jealousy would be the only reason. Would basically turn the USA into a third world country overnight and the dollar would be worth less than seashells.

    Nah. Cali is starting to suck balls dude. Lived here for 40 of my 43 years on the planet. Granted, Its way better than the crappy state of Michigan I originated from, but thats not saying much. The taxes are out of control, the cost of housing is through the roof, the mexis are taking over, the people are aholes, traffic is a focking nightmare. Its not that great. The only things we got going for us (at least in Orange County where I am) is the weather and a good job market for tech people. Ive been all over the country and nothing comes to close to the weather here. Mid 70s basically all year. Drive 5 minutes from my house and Im at the beach. Drive an hour northeast and Im in the snow. Drive an hour south east and Im in the desert. You really cant understand how beautiful California is, until you drive through somewhere like Texas or Missouri and its just nothing for miles. No mountains or rolling hills. Just miles and miles of flat.