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  1. Better man than anyone of else will ever be
  2. DuceyDuce

    Headed to DC this weekend

    Not like it used to be. Plenty of homeless but the city is well protected. Steer clear of the Southeast and you’ll be fine.
  3. DuceyDuce

    Headed to DC this weekend

    I live in DC proper, Penn Quarter (near Chinatown), halfway between Capitol and White House. Touristy area, but lots of fun things to do. Most museums are free but I highly recommend you check out the Newseum ( 25/person)....amazing. Also, check out the The Wharf in Southwest DC. Its near Nats ballpark. Great new area/neighborhood in DC that just came about last summer. Lots of restaurants, things to do right on the water. Guaranteed you and wife will love it.
  4. DuceyDuce

    Hi I'm not new here

    How's your cat Nick?
  5. DuceyDuce

    Dgby and Ed never on together

  6. DuceyDuce

    Paris Jackson is black

    The kid that he threw over the balcony looks like an Arab woman
  7. DuceyDuce

    Colonel Jessup

    Lol. Mine too! Made no sense in the movie and less than 25% of people get the reference when I randomly shout it
  8. DuceyDuce

    Colonel Jessup

    He wasnt getting many callbacks after Head of the Class was cancelled
  9. DuceyDuce

    Colonel Jessup

    Youre boys are going down Danny. And I cant stop it anymore
  10. DuceyDuce

    Colonel Jessup

    You want me on that wall .... You need me on that wall
  11. Why are you responding to my post and not out spending your boatloads of cash?
  12. Voltaire and Titans, Stop responding to this doosh. If he was so rich, successful and happy in his own life, he wouldnt be posting this garbage on a message board. Happy individuals dont try to bring others down. My guess is that is polyurethane sex doll was just placed on back order
  13. Who cares where these guys live? Good for them for having the balls to make the move. I live in DC only because it makes sense to see my daughter in NYC. Otherwise Im pretty sure Id be in Brazil right now. Strike, weve seen your pic. Youre no prize. Why are you ripping onpeople? Jealous much? Youre a fat pig nosed turd who stole money from people with that Curly Night cancer scam and you most likely are fondling Qlazzurass balls as I type this.
  14. DuceyDuce

    Guy shoots himself in front of white house

    I live 8 blocks away and walked down to check it out. Secret Service and DC police all over the place.