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  1. Call Uncle Swearbox in for the final spot
  2. FF darren.delvaux@gmail.com
  3. deejsixer

    ISO: ESPN PPR Drafting this week!

    I'm interested
  4. deejsixer

    Charles Sims............

    Charles Sims was able to make Deanna Favre's forehead look small
  5. deejsixer

    Kenny Britt anyone?

    It looks like he still has the skills and now the opportunity. Anyone giving him one last chance to revive his career???
  6. deejsixer

    Do you ever screw another owner intentionally in a draft?

    I never screwed another owner, but I did screw his mom
  7. deejsixer

    I hate these early drafts...what to do at #5?

    I cant believe Rice is not mentioned once in this convo