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  1. justrelaxing

    Take a chance with Jackson?

    I am in the same situation. I went and grabbed Cousins and plan on going with him as I need a win and cant take a chance on Jackson's decison
  2. justrelaxing

    Crazy to Start 4 Vikings?

    Looking to start Cousins over Jackson as the unknown from Covid Starting Cooks and Ekcler at RB WR we start 2 and aa Flex: Got Allen, Justin Jefferson...then Diggs, Wood, or R.Anderson in the Flex...Which 3 do you go with? DEF I also have the Vikings over the NYG. Looking for what others would do//
  3. justrelaxing

    Week 13 Flex which WR do I start

    If you want safe lick...then Pittman. If you want to roll with a little risk...then I like auiyk as he can light it up
  4. justrelaxing

    Take a chance with Jackson?

    I have Jackson as my QB. His game is Tuesday. No complete commitment on his status as he would clear on Sunday. Do I run with planning on him or hit the ww and grab a QB? Fighting for a playoff spot and need a win. QB's available.. Cousins vs Jax Newton vs Lac Rivers vs Hou Carr vs Jets Stuck with Jackson or grab a new qb?
  5. justrelaxing

    Hockenson or Andrews?

    Hockenson vs. Houston Andrews vs. Pittsburgh Leaning with Hockenson....
  6. justrelaxing

    Jackson or Brees

    Would you start... Jackson vs. NE Brees vs. SF Leaning towards Brees as Jackson has not been putting up pts. Am I crazy or would you go with Jackson?
  7. justrelaxing

    Need 3 WR in PPR

    Diggs vs. KC Woods vs. SF Jefferson vs. ATL Robby Anderson vs. CHI Cooks vs. TEN Thanks
  8. justrelaxing

    Brees or Tannehill this week?

    I have Brees...but with going vs 49ers....do I grab Tannehill vs Oak? I know Ten is run heavy, but given the oak poor def and tough 49er def....Do I go with Tannehill?
  9. justrelaxing

    Bench Brees vs. NE? 1st Rd of Playoffs?

    Grid....you are correct.. tannehill... huh
  10. I know the saying goes to not sit your studs... Brees is going vs. NE... Options are: Mayfield vs. CIN, Darnold vs. MIA, Tannehill vs. OAK Is Brees still my best option for this week?
  11. justrelaxing

    Joe Mixon or Jonathan Williams?

    Like Williams as NYJ i think for CIN to thrown to catch up
  12. justrelaxing

    RB...Snell or Eckler

    Sounding like Snell will be lead back vs. CLE or go with Eckler in RBBC with Gordon vs. DEN?
  13. justrelaxing

    R.Anderson or Carson at Flex

    Do I go with R.Anderson vs CIN or Carson vs MIN? Worried about Carson split with Penny and MN def.... Ppr league
  14. justrelaxing

    Gollday or Fuller

    PPR...start 2WR and a Flex Thinking of J.Brown vs. DAL and Fuller vs. NE and Carson vs.MN at Flex. Would you start Golladay vs. CHI over Fuller vs. NE? Other WR are R.Anderson vs. CIN,
  15. justrelaxing

    Golladay or JuJu

    Golladay with Stafford questionable Or JuJu with not doing well so far..