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  1. justrelaxing

    Golladay or R.Anderson or JuJu

    With Stafford out....Do I start Golladay or change to JuJu who is questionalble and with Ramsey covering or go with R.Anderson this week
  2. justrelaxing

    TE Decision...in PPR League

    just went in to try to grab Doyle....someone grabbed him...so grabbed Ebron..
  3. justrelaxing

    Tate or R.Anderson

    Tate (With Sherpard out) or R.Anderson?
  4. justrelaxing

    Howard or J.Brown as flex

    PPR... Howard vs. Bears J.Brown vs. Redskins...
  5. justrelaxing

    DJax today

    keep who you have in
  6. justrelaxing

    Shady McCoy or Jamal Williams?

    shady....Dj opens the def and adams back for rogers
  7. justrelaxing

    Stafford or Prescott

  8. justrelaxing

    Samuels or Fournette

  9. justrelaxing

    Chark or Diggs???

    go with diggs....thielen maynot be 100 so deep throws diggs will get
  10. justrelaxing

    Walton or Royce Freeman?

    I would go with Walton...he will not have anyone pushing for the rushes...
  11. justrelaxing

    TE Decision...in PPR League

    I currently have McDonald....Should I drop and grab Hock, Ebron, Doyle, or Goerdert? I hae Golladay and JuJu as WR if that changes the TE spot.
  12. justrelaxing

    Josh Allen?

    am going with allen. even some short dumpoffs will add up fast
  13. justrelaxing

    Start Brady in Bad Weather?

    start brady over the 3 options you have
  14. justrelaxing

    Patriots D or Jags D?

    cant sit the pats def
  15. justrelaxing

    Need 3 in ppr

    let Chark sit...