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    Mini Gronk Time?!

    5 targets, 3 catches and a fumble lost Someone remind me why there are hype threads on this guy?
  2. tabris

    Mini Gronk Time?!

    I am also starting him over Rivera.
  3. tabris

    Zero RB Strategy in action

    Your first 5 picks are WRs, but you can only start a max of 4. It is clear you are trolling.
  4. tabris

    Jimmy in the first?

    Probably not fair to only look at the drop from TE1 to TE2 versus the drops for WRs or RBs. The reason being is that most leagues start multiple WRs and RBs, but only a single TE. Not saying JG isn't worth a 1st round slot, but he comes at a steep price. By locking in TE1, you will get behind on the runs for at least one core position (either WR or RB). I guess you could say the same if you picked a QB. The runs on positions can be a factor though. TE2 might not fall until round 4...
  5. tabris

    FOCK YOU week 14

    Stafford single handily torpedoed my fantasy season in one game.
  6. tabris

    Pick 4 to start

    1 wr, 1 rb, 2 flex Ray Rice Ben Tate Andre Brown Antonio Brown Victor Cruz 15 yds rushing = 1pt 1 reception = .5 pt 20 yds receiving = 1 pt 100 yds rushing/receiving = 3 pt All have great matchups except Antonio Brown. At this point he is probably matchup proof. Is Victor Cruz the odd man out? Is it Rice, even though Vikings are giving up 4th most fantasy points to rb position?
  7. I'm rolling with him over Delanie Walker.
  8. tabris

    ++ Update: TE Jordan Reed - Out

    Rolling with Delanie Walker.
  9. tabris

    3-6 with this team

    I am in a 10 team league, also am 3-6. After my draft I thought I had the league won. my roster: qb stafford, romo rb charles, rice, lmiller, ivory, mjames wr marshall, cruz, abrown, ssmith te jreed (dropped rudolph) k bailey def carolina
  10. tabris

    Is there any science to choosing a kicker?

    Kicker playing in a dome to hedge against weather conditions. After that, it's a crapshoot.
  11. tabris

    We are not as smart as we thought we were

    I read a lot of posts about how good of a play Detroit was this week. Detroit is 4th worst DST on the season. Rolling them out in the playoffs was ULTRA risky. Maybe they could keep the score low, but they were never going to do what Seattle did. Seattle is 3rd best DST on the season and they have playmakers at all key positions. My opponent had Houston on the bench and rolled out Detroit. That decision cost him about 18 points. I stuck with Denver even though, admittedly, I considered the Vikings/Rams. At some point you have to say strength trumps matchup, especially in the playoffs. With the playoffs on the line, I didn't want the 4th best DST on my bench.
  12. tabris

    I'm starting Gates

    I'm going down with the ship too. Waiver wire pickups have just as much risk at this point.
  13. tabris

    Freeman or Cam

    Same problem here... Never bench your studs? That is, if you still consider Cam the stud he was before draft day. Phi defense is 5th best in QB points against Atl is 29th and it's the same defense that ripped Brees for 5 picks Both Freeman and Cam are at home. TB still has a mathematical shot at the playoffs. I'm a risk averse person and at this point Freeman is my play. I'll probably go Cam in weeks 15 & 16.
  14. tabris

    Who to start at QB

    Freeman is at home Scam has a bit easier defense according to statistics Pick one
  15. tabris

    Who to start at QB

    Any others have an opinion?
  16. tabris


    Could've gotten that from Wayne in the late rounds, like 7th+. For a top 5 pick in the draft, that isn't getting it done.
  17. tabris


    Madden curse
  18. tabris

    Week 6 FU thread

    Schaub, Murray, Wayne, Zuerlein
  19. tabris

    lineup help for w3

    Start 2RB, 2WR, 2Flex, 1TE Pick from: Harvin, Wayne, Austin, Steve Johnson Foster, Murray, McGahee, Alfred Morris Gates, Celek Already had Cam play and he stunk...
  20. tabris

    Favre's last pass

    Am I the only one that doesn't attribute that last INT to the outcome of the game. B/c of the 12man penalty, they were no longer in field goal range. It was 3rd down and even if he threw it away they were going to OT. All these news stories that think he could have scrambled the 10 yards needed to get back in field goal range need to go suit up in the NFL. There was just no way. If anything, the game was close b/c of all the fumbling and the penalties by the Vikes. That is a statement to how good they were, they had 5 turnovers and still almost won the game. The Saints only had 1 turnover. The defense went soft in OT with the penalties and failing to stop Thomas on 4th down. That is how the game ended, last I looked.
  21. tabris

    Felix or Percy at flex

    Looks like a coin flip to me, league counts return points and a small bit for receptions as well.
  22. tabris

    2009 first round ( FF )

    People ranking LT in the top 5 is laughable. They must be in denial of what has turned out this season. The back list for next season is deep (CJ, BW, SJ, Gore, Barber, Forte, Slaton, AP, Turner, Portis, Bush, MJD, TJ). In no particular order all those backs are in better situations and have higher ceilings than LT. As it stands right this moment, none are seriously injured or will be going into next season with problems. LT won't fall out of the top 5 or 10 rankings in next season's drafts, but that doesn't mean he probably should.
  23. I think this helps Welker and hurts Moss. The other posters must be drinking the Cassell kool-aid. The deep passing is not going to continue on every drive/series. If anything, the underneath routes will pick up and that is Welker's territory. Also, Watson might go up in value.
  24. tabris

    Update: Brady/Jamal Lewis for Roeth/Fitz/Gore

    8. why is this thread not in the help forum