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  1. bartian

    Salary Cap Help Needed

    Message and attachments sent. THANKS!
  2. bartian

    Salary Cap Help Needed

    Yes, I can export to an excel spreadsheet for the Top 250 players. That should get all relevant players, I would think. Let me know how you'd like me to share the spreadsheet. THANKS!
  3. bartian

    Salary Cap Help Needed

    Thanks, Mike. The league drives the $$ value based upon prior years' performance. For example, Christian McCaffrey is a mere $780K while Derrick Henry is $3M. So I would want to manually account for the set $$ value and then the comparative price to performance ratio would drive a value-based ranking. How would you recommend I account for the prescribed price of each player relative to the Max Bid amount? ... I'm thinking the difference between the two may represent the 'value'; but I'm not certain where/how to account for the prescribed price.
  4. bartian

    Salary Cap Help Needed

    Help! Salary Cap league. 12 teams, 12 players per team (8 starters and 4 backups). $19M cap per team. Values based on prior year performance. Where do I find the current player values to ensure they line up w/ my league? Draft setup is serpentine and I'm 12th of 12. So I believe Auction draft? is "NO" and set "Salary cap per team" to $19 but I'm not sure where the actual player values are. THANKS!