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  1. NPNG

    Trade Proposal

    I'd hang on to Chark. Listened to a an announcer who thought Jacksonville stands a decent chance of going 0-16. Probably won't happen, but the point is, they aren't going to be ahead too many times in the 2nd half. Think Bortles/A. Robinson/A. Hurns a few years ago. Put up some good stats during garbage time in many games. I think Bortles was a top 5 QB (fantasy) that year. Minshew has a gunslinger mentality and Chark is by far his best receiver.
  2. NPNG

    Doug Orth's Big Boards 2020 - Top 200

    Will you put out another Top 200 for 0.5 ppr? Would like to have one before my draft on Saturday. Thanks.
  3. NPNG

    Your first ever fantasy football pick

    1983 in college. Eight team standard scoring. Your guy could march up and down the field but if he didn't score, you got nothing. QB's were at a premium and I got Lynn Dickey of the Packers. I won the championship after a Packer/Redskin Monday Night game. Dickey went crazy and Mark Mosely (my kicker) made a 47 (?) yard field goal to win it for the Redskins and for me. This was insanely long for Mosely at the time. All the winnings went toward buying beer for all the participants. I'm old.
  4. NPNG

    Kittle for Gurley?

    Maybe Kittle and Mixon for a better RB than Gurley? I would be apprehensive of having to rely on Gurley. I actually would start with Henry/Mixon to see what I could get, then work your way up to Kittle/Mixon.
  5. NPNG

    week 6 plug and play WR

    R. Anderson with Darnold back.
  6. NPNG

    Buy low and throw a dart in the dark?

    Auden Tate, if A.J. Green gets traded (and why would they hang onto him)?
  7. I commission a 14 team league where I am usually at or near the top of the standings. This year, however, I stand at 0-4 and the 2nd lowest scoring team in the league. This is what my team looks like: QB J. Allen M. Rudolph RB Zeke D. Montgomery D. Singletary F. Gore D. Thompson (KC) WR Hopkins M. Brown DJ Moore M. Williams C. Beasley A. Tate TE D. Waller C. Herndon Def Houston Doesn't look bad for a 14-teamer. Some guys underproducing. What does your 0-4 look like?
  8. NPNG

    Uh ..Commission Goodell??

    When reading this title, I actually thought it was going to be about the Patriots tampering with the Antonio Brown situation....
  9. I honestly see Montgomery at 14-18 touches/game. Cohen may be on the field on 3rd downs in the slot with Montgomery in the backfield on many occasions. Davis appears to be insurance in case Montgomery is injured or the game is too fast for him out of the gates.
  10. The man was a tackle-breaking machine the last 2 years. He's special. I think his floor (barring injury) is 225 touches. That's probably 1000 yards and 6-8 TD's.
  11. NPNG

    Carlos Hyde for Mack or lindsey?

    Nope. I see K. Hunt there if Chubb is doing fine by week #10.
  12. Just finished my 2nd auction draft (14 team/$10020/0.5 ppr). Again, we don't talk much about auctions on here. Let me know what you think. QB - C. Wentz ($4); P. Rivers ($2) RB - Zeke ($20); D. Montgomery ($17); S. Michel ($8); D. Thompson ($3); M. Davis ($1) WR - T. Hill ($19); M. Williams ($7); A. Jeffery ($6); M. Sanu ($2); T. Quinn ($1) TE - O.J. Howard ($7); D. Waller ($2) Def - Houston ($1) ** Thompson pick doesn't look so good now with Shady on board but it was only $3. Otherwise, I felt pretty good. Will look to upgrade at WR, might use Michel as bait when/if Zeke and Jerry kiss and make up.
  13. NPNG

    whats your team's biggest weakness

    WR. Auction league and got Hill for $19 ($100 budget). Didn't have much left but got Jeffery ($8) and M. Williams ($7) as my 2 and 3. Sanu and Quinn are my other two WR's.