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  1. vomit

    The advanced child tax credit

    I got my first monthly payment, didnt expect it since I'm over the income cutoff, or thought I was.
  2. Just stay in the center and you're good, anywhere North, West, South or East (Camden) is .
  3. vomit

    What is the point of life?

    I don't think I ever have. point?
  4. vomit

    What is the point of life?

    Sorry I thought you were a salesman. Adjusters are a rung up, I'll give you that. Still it must suck to have to nickel and dime common folk to save some money for the big corp.
  5. If I like the person, I call him man. Everyone in Europe always calls me "Mate", multiple times in a sentence. Hi Mate! How's it going Mate? Nice to see you mate."
  6. vomit

    What is the point of life?

    If insurance people really wanted to help people, they wouldn't steal 5% doing something that they can do themselves.
  7. vomit

    What is the point of life?

    It's basically about doing something to improve the lives of others while you're here. On your death bed, there are only two things that matter, what kind of relationships did I have and what was my purpose. It's not about awards or achievements or money, it's about relationships. What kind of a person was I? What kind of husband? What kind of friend? Who did I love and allow to love me? What difference did I make in the lives of others? What did I give back? Relationships, and commitment to a cause.
  8. vomit

    Best TV Curmudgeon

    Frank from Everybody Loves Raymond.
  9. vomit


    Very very small
  10. vomit


    RIP 30k
  11. It would be the exact opposite if Trump won the election... https://www.dailykos.com/stories/2020/9/5/1975309/-Kamala-Harris-wouldn-t-trust-a-Trump-vaccine-and-neither-should-anyone-else?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=Sendible&utm_campaign=RSS https://www.dailykos.com/stories/2021/6/24/2036919/-AP-analysis-shows-nearly-all-COVID-19-deaths-now-are-among-the-unvaccinated Exact same person wrote both of these.
  12. vomit

    Anyone looking for a smoker... Cheap

    Propane? That's not a smoker
  13. Yes, I was not asked for ID.
  14. vomit

    NFL doubling down on Black Anthem

    I'm guessing they only broadcast it week one and then it goes on ignore.