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  1. EMoney

    Ray Rice today?

    He went out with a helmet-to-helmet hit when they were up big. He appeared to be fine from it though.
  2. EMoney

    Week 14 FU thread

    Ditto on that. I lost by 3 points.
  3. EMoney

    UFC 92

    This card was unreal as the topic states. Wow! All fights were something special. Kongo looked like he could make an interesting match with anyone at the top. Rampage was a beast tonight and just looked like he was there to kill someone. Great comeback win for Rampage. Mir was in the zone and I think he is going to beat Brock again if he stays this focused. The Griffin/Evans fight lived up to the hype as both fighters are at the top of their game right now. Evans is just a little better and that put him in position to win.
  4. EMoney

    Draft Rounds 3 and 4

    3.5 The Land Sharks select Maurice Jones-Drew, RB Jac
  5. EMoney

    Post your Two keepers here!

    QB Manning Ind RB Gore SF subject to change
  6. EMoney

    UFC 83 Serra St-Pierre 2

    Well that was worth the 55 bucks. Those French Canadians are a rowdy bunch of fans. Serra got dominated this time around. It reminded me of the most recent GSP/Hughes match. GSP was in a whole other league and Serra had looked completely helpless. Bring on Serra vs. Hughes!
  7. EMoney

    Sirius XM merger approved

    Most excellent news!
  8. EMoney

    ***Clash's Playoff Contest Week 3 LineupThread ***

    QB: Tom Brady RB: Lawrence Maroney RB: Ahmad Bradshaw WR: Jabar Gaffney WR: Wes Welker WR: Plaxico Burress TE: Watson K: Gostkowski D: New England Coach:
  9. EMoney

    the UFC you want to see

    I disagree that he is done. He has lost two fights back to back and both of them is to GSP who many believe to be the best welterweight ever. Hughes has a few more fights in him. He may not be able to beat GSP but he is no slouch either. People were saying that Chuck was dead not too long ago also.
  10. EMoney

    the UFC you want to see

    For me: Hughes vs. Serra CroCop vs. someone else
  11. EMoney

    ***Clash's Playoff Contest Week 2 LineupThread ***

    Round 3 QB: B.Favre RB: R.Grant RB: B.Jacobs WR: D.Driver WR: A.Toomer WR: V.Jackson TE: D.Lee K: Crosby D: GB Coach: McCarthy
  12. EMoney

    Brady haters

    Any other year, the Jags waltz right into the Super Bowl game but not this year. Brady is the best QB in the history of the NFL.
  13. EMoney

    Interesting Super Bowl Factoid

    Someone watches Inside the NFL
  14. EMoney

    ***Clash's Playoff Contest Week 2 LineupThread ***

    that lineup was for week 2 obviously
  15. EMoney

    ***Clash's Playoff Contest Week 2 LineupThread ***

    Round 1 QB: B.Roethlisberger 18 RB: E.Graham 18 RB: N.Davenport 18 WR: B.Engram 9 WR: J.Galloway 1 WR: H.Ward 23 TE: A.Gates 1 K: J.Brown 11 D: Tampa 1 Coach: Gruden -2 Total 80 QB: T.Romo RB: L.Maroney RB: J.Addai WR: R.Moss WR: A.Gonzalez WR: G.Jennings TE: D.Clark K: Vinatieri D: Indy Coach: Dungy