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  1. bob_pendleton

    Draft Buddy Problem?

    Hi Mike, I wanted to update you on the "Pre-2007 Excel" bug I described in the top of this thread from last year. Unfortunately the same bug is still there in this year's "draft_buddy_football_2019_1.1.xls" file, on both the "offense" and "off-notes" worksheets. To recap, when certain players get drafted (via the pull-down menus on the "draft report" tab or via the "Draft Player" button on the "summary" tab), those certain players names are not getting grayed out on the "offense" and "off-notes" worksheets. One thing I forgot to mention last year is that I noticed the bug only exists for players names that are in cells directly above the red-dashed line that delineates the player rank tiers. All other players have their names grayed out automatically when drafted as normal. I hope this helps for next year. Good luck in your fantasy leagues!
  2. bob_pendleton

    Draft Buddy Problem?

    Quick update: I'm fairly certain I've confirmed it's a problem with the conditional formatting in the "offense" and "off-notes" worksheets of this year's pre-2007 version of Draft Buddy (aka, draft_buddy_football_2018_1.0.xls). When I perform a format-only copy of the corresponding worksheets from last year's draft buddy to this year's, the problem goes away. I'm just not sure if that might break something else? But at least I've narrowed the problem down.
  3. bob_pendleton

    Draft Buddy Problem?

    I think it has something to do with an error in the Conditional Formatting on this year's Draft Buddy (pre-2007, that is). When I look at past years, it looks like each cell on the "offense" and "off-notes" tabs have a 3-part Conditional Formatting setting -- one of those conditions handles the case where the player's name is right above the red-dashed Tier line. That third condition seems to be missing from this year's spreadsheet.
  4. bob_pendleton

    Draft Buddy Problem?

    Calculation is definitely set to Automatic. Even so, I tried pressing F10 during the draft to see if that would help. Sadly it did not. Note that the grey-out functionality worked for some players on the "offense" and "off-notes" tabs and 100% of the grey-out functionality worked on the "overall" tab. I just downloaded a fresh copy of "draft_buddy_football_2018_1.0.xls" and even without any of my league settings, the problem is easy to recreate.
  5. bob_pendleton

    Draft Buddy Problem?

    Hi Mike, I used the "pre-2007" version of Draft Buddy during my draft last night and I ran into a problem. Fortunately the issue is easy to re-create: A large number of players, when drafted via the pull-down menus on the "draft report" tab (primarily what I use) or via the "Draft Player" button on the "summary" tab did not have their names automatically grayed-out on the "offense" and "off-notes" tabs once drafted. NOTE: I had no issues with the grayed-out function working on the "overall" tab. Here's a subset of names that didn't work. I can provide a full list from my draft if you need it: Aaron Rodgers David Johnson Le'Veon Bell Julio Jones Stefon Diggs Russell Wilson Ben Roethlisberger Is there something I can do to fix this? Thank you.
  6. bob_pendleton

    Another Draft Buddy custom scoring question

    That worked perfectly. Thank you so much for the help -- I can't believe how incredibly easy that was to do! I've been a draft buddy user for 15 years (yikes) and it's very nice to learn something new like this after all this time. Good luck this season.
  7. bob_pendleton

    Another Draft Buddy custom scoring question

    Hi Mike. Thanks so much for the fast reply. I'd like to use the 2018 qb projections from fantasysharks.com, which include sack projections. In the past I've just ignored the fact that my league includes this odd scoring category and I went with the "FF Today 100%" projections to compile my cheatsheets and rankings. It's worked out just fine, but I think including this category might change the way my rankings look significantly and improve my draft. I'd like to see what the difference would be if I simply pick that single stat from fantasysharks and merge in in with the FF Today projections vs. what the compile would look like if I took all of the stat projections from fantasysharks. I've never used Projection Pal to bring in outside stats, nor have I been able to figure out how to use the custom scoring feature of Draft Buddy. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  8. My league treats a sack as a -1 score for the QB. Is it possible for me to use the Draft Buddy custom scoring feature to account for that? If so, is there a guide I can follow that can help me set up how to do that? Thanks!
  9. bob_pendleton

    Overall Projection Only Shows top 120 players

    I too would really like to know the best way to do this. I can tell you that it has to do with the "Rules" tab, the number of teams in your league and the number of players that you've specified as "Starters" + "Backups" (meaning your roster size). So if you are in a 10 team league and you've specified a roster size of 12 players (again, Starters+Backups) you are only going to see 120 players in the overall projection tab. Or your league/roster size could be bigger, but you've chosen to exclude certain positions (e.g., kickers, defense, etc) from the overall rankings on the "Rules" tab. I'm in the same boat. I'd really like to see a deeper list of names in the Overall projection tab (I'm in a 10 team league, with 15 players per roster), I'm not excluding any positions, and I only see 150 entries on the Overall rankings tab. I'd love to know the best way to make that tab populate further.