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  1. mrgymrat

    Last Minute Flex?

    It's always hard to know which Patriot will have the ot hand and get the ball. For that reason I would think that Burleson is a better choice. I do think that BJGE will have more touches than Fred.
  2. mrgymrat

    Turner or The Law Firm?

    Law Firm should get a TD and 50-60 yds. I think Pats will throw a ton so it may limit what BJGE actually does. I would stick with Turner personally. ATL is playing well and can throw the ball pretty effectively so Turner should get some touches in the redzone. --- Here's mine: http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=377444
  3. mrgymrat

    Defense Question

    As a Dolphins fan I would say start OAK. Marshall won't be playing and the Fins have been unable to run the ball. Won't matter if it's Thigpen or Henne since the Raiders DST is pretty solid w/ some good DBS. Look for Raiders to control the game through out.
  4. It's tough to say Morris & Ivory but most definitely have to sit Brown & Torain and Mathews is probably not playing. Not sure on Best but he only played 1-2 plays last week so Morris could be in line for some action (but Lions throw a ton anyone). I would say Ivory & roll the dice on Felix (assuming he is active).
  5. mrgymrat

    Flex help BJGE or Harvin?

    I agree with the post above. Two solid choices but BJGE will most likely score also.
  6. mrgymrat

    Turkey Day quandry

    I would probably roll w/ VJax since he will most likely have more yds as well. Looking at what Rivers has done with no name guys, I think VJax should be ready to roll and get some major targets as suggested (not sure he will score tho) --- Here's my VJax question: http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=377444
  7. mrgymrat

    Should I Drop Hillis for Torain?

    I would have dropped someone else and added Torain. You need to keep Hillis. I added Torain in as many leagues as I could and dropped people like Jacobs, etc. Torain will get his shot.
  8. mrgymrat

    Arian Foster?

    Hasn't played yet but Derrick Ward seems to be tearing it up? Any word on why Foster isn't playing? Saw nothing listed prior or now.
  9. mrgymrat

    Who To Keep: Foster vs. Bush vs. Nicks

    First of all, thx for answering my Ben Tate question. Your question - wow, great question. I really like both players a lot. I would keep Foster over Nicks. Texans already lost Tate and Slaton had the neck problem last year. Worse case that means that Foster is in a time share w/ Slaton. I like those odds. Nicks should still be there for you to grab in an early round whereas if you drop Foster now, someone who needs an RB will grab him. The WR pool is pretty deep so if you don't get Nicks back there are plenty of other comparable WRs that will be avail. As for Bush, I still just don't trust the Raiders as long as Al is still around to screw things up. You can most likely grab him as well if you want him. Hope this helps!
  10. mrgymrat

    Dynasty Drops

    I would drop Bironas & Britt. WR position is deep, RB not so much. If you think there will be someone better than Harrison then drop him. Chances are in a deep league there aren't many good players left, if at all. Pick a kicker with your last pick.
  11. mrgymrat

    Need help with RB situation

    Yea, most def add Bradshaw. Like someone stated -how is Bradshaw on the WW?
  12. mrgymrat

    Should I veto trade

    (Seems like posting this on the "A Little Help!" board shouldn't be a problema) I would let the trade go thru. Obviously the person wanting Charles knows what he is getting (w/ an extra yr as a keeper having some value). They're really not that far apart regardless of Thomas Jones for this yr. Certainly not anywhere vetoing IMO
  13. mrgymrat


    I'd go CJ-CJ + Shonn. That's a great start. It's possible that Beanie may last until the 12th pick depending on who keeps what. He went 1.10 in my keeper league.
  14. mrgymrat

    Keepers are Easy - Round 3 is Not!

    If there is a can't pass up RB then I would go there in round 3. Chances are you can go solid WR here as the RBs most likely left will be all the RBBC guys. Also depends how many WRs you start. If it's 3 WRs then gotta grab a good one early.
  15. mrgymrat

    JMac or Britt?

    I agree with the guys above - I would much rather have Maclin. While Kolb is the new starter, you know the Iggles will throw the ball and Maclin as the #2 WR should draw favorable coverage w/ DeSean on the other side. Much more likely to post big numbers than Britt in TEN. --- Thanks in advance for answering my question : http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=367211