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  1. LSUtiger

    Better QB ROS: Luck or Wentz?

    For context, I'm targeting one of the two in a trade (as their respective owners also have Brees and Mahomes) and cannot decide between the two. I see pros and cons for both, but it really is like splitting hairs. I like Luck as a QB better in a vacuum, but Wentz unquestionably has the better weapons. At bottom, I think both will likely be what and what rest of way, with Luck having the higher ceiling week-to-week.
  2. LSUtiger

    Better QB ROS: Luck or Wentz?

    Both on bye this week. Both putting up similar great numbers. Wentz more weapons (plus Tate), but better defense and just lost Lane Johnson. Luck playing in Dome during playoffs. Remaining schedules... Luck 10 JAX 11 TEN 12 MIA 13 @JAX 14 @HOU 15 DAL 16 NYG Wentz 10 DAL 11 @NO 12 NYG 13 WAS 14 @DAL 15 @LAR 16 HOU
  3. I need Hightower to outscore Ebron head 2 head in a .5 PPR.
  4. LSUtiger

    What's the story with Amari Cooper

    Shields (GB's best CB) is out. GB rolling out two rookie CBs. Starting Cooper in a bounce back game at home in a hopeful shootout.
  5. LSUtiger

    What's the story with Amari Cooper

    Sat Cooper last week (thankfully), but really eying a bounce back game this week in a potential shootout v GB. For me it'll boil down to whether GB's top CB Shields is out from the concussion he suffered last week. Shields didn't practice today: "Shields' return will be subject to the protocol for head injuries, but his lack of activity Wednesday indicates that he's still in the early stages. If he's ruled out in Week 15, the Packers will likely trot out a pair of starting rookie cornerbacks (Damarious Randall and Quinten Rollins)."
  6. LSUtiger

    Official Week 14 F.U. thread

    A big filthy FOCK YOU to that focking POS Kelce. Every week I'm bamboozled by him being ranked as a top 3-4 play only to be shat on with his focking 4-6 points. This week he draws a favorable home matchup v. SD and craps out 3 and change. Fock you, you focking Gronk wannabe POS. If I'm fortunate enough to advance then you'll be on my bench for Will Tye ROS you focking fock.
  7. I need 37 points in a 0.5 PPR to advance to the semifinals, with these 4 guys going tonight: OBJ D. Parker L. Miller Josh Brown I'd like to think my chances are 75-80%, but until the points are down on paper it means nothing. Going to be a long, stressful game tonight I fear!
  8. LSUtiger

    AOB 103 - Title-Run Titans

    The only guy I have from that list is Lamar Miller. Things are looking up!
  9. LSUtiger

    What's the story with Amari Cooper

    IMO it's really just a combination of factors contributing to his recent dip in production... 1. Rookie wall (a real thing) 2. Crabtree drawing more single coverage, and maximizing his opportunities with it, to siphon looks from Cooper 3. Carr being very streaky with his play 4. Cooper running up against some very good defenses/individual defender (i.e. Det's Slay, Denver D again this week, etc.) I'm benching Cooper this week @DEN but he'll likely be back in my lineup next week, assuming I'm still alive...
  10. LSUtiger

    Playoff Defenses 2015

    Riding KC DST all the way through. SD, CLE, @BAL
  11. LSUtiger

    Cooper in Denver!?!?!

    Starting at all? Maybe. Starting with confidence? No. Leaning toward DeVante Parker's upside v. NYG on MNF instead.
  12. LSUtiger

    Any Yahoo scoring change for NE DST week 13?

    Not worried about the pick 6 score but PHI's blocked punt return for TD. Assuming that counts as points against the NE DST then I'm good...
  13. Is there anything to worry about with Yahoo adjusting their scoring of NE DST for week 13? Yahoo currently has NE DST surrendering 28-34 points, which usually triggers negative points for most leagues (mine included). However, 6 of those 28-34 points (not counting XP which all count against team defense) was on a blocked punt returned for a TD by PHI. Does that get blocked punt for TD get overturned to not counting as points surrendered by NE DST? I'm sure many close games, mine included would be affected. In fact, as it stands, I won by ONE point. Should it get changed, I'll lose by one. My melt will be epic.