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  1. 69 boss

    Help with my WR

    My lineup QB-Roethlisberger RB-J. Charles RB-A. Green WR-R. White Need one of these WR's R. Cobb D. Bryant J. Maclin D. Moore Thanks
  2. 69 boss

    Make this trade?

    I get Steve Smith (Car) I give Jeremy McLain I think it's kind of a wash, but wanting to get other opinions My squad Roethlisberger, Flaco R. Rice, J. Charles, A. Green, R. Mendenhall R. White, D. Bryant, J. Maclin, D. Moore, M. Williams A. Hernandez Thanks
  3. 69 boss

    pick me a TE

    M. Lewis or B. Celek Rest of squad. Rivers MJD, S. Greene R. White, Moss TE-? Bailey Seahawks Thanks
  4. 69 boss

    Pick me a flex

    Standard scoring QB-Brees RB-D. Murray WR-L. Robinson, M. Williams (TB) TE-Pettigrew Need a Flex out of these: M. Turner BJGE P. Burress E Decker Leaning towards Turner but he is banged up a bit. Thanks
  5. 69 boss

    Pick my QB, RB, and WR

    Standard performance QB-J. Freeman, Rivers (pick one) RB-Forte (starting) pick one between - MJD, Torain, Ingram, Battle WR- R. White(starting) pick one between - Little, Breaston A. Johnson (probably out) Thanks
  6. 69 boss

    Which player to drop?

    I need to drop one of these guys for a TE. Which to drop? Mark Ingram David Nelson Ryan Torain Jackie Battle Thanks,
  7. 69 boss

    Which player to drop?

    Team QB-Rivers, Freeman RB-Forte, MJD, Ingram, Torain, Battle Wr-A. Johnson, R. White, D. Nelson, G. Little TE - J. Cook Thanks
  8. 69 boss

    Lineup Help

    I would play Matthews. Also I'm not sure I would bench Fred Davis over Vernon Davis. Fred has been the man that Sexy Rexy has been getting the ball to
  9. 69 boss

    Did I miss something?

    Standard TD and scoring non PPR I offered: R. Grossman L. Blount R. Gronkowski for P. Rivers M. Jones-Drew K. Winslow My team QB-J. Freeman (Grossman) RB-M. Forte (L. Blount) Ingram, Lynch WR-A. Johnson, R. White, K. Brit, Burleson, D. Nelson TE-(Gronkowski) Did I got a steal with this trade?
  10. 69 boss

    Bowe or OchoCinco?

    I would go with Bowe until Ocho can prove he's worth a spot
  11. 69 boss

    Your starting lineup right now versus

    Week 1 QB-Palmer RB-Gore, P. Thomas WR-Wayne, Bowe TE-Celek Def-49ers K-Vinateri Last week QB-Vick RB-Ivory, Blount WR-Wayne, Lloyd TE- Cooley Def Falcons K. Kaeding All players were off of the waiver through out the year except Wayne I pulled out a win by 2 points this past week, and off to the finals this week
  12. 69 boss

    Pick my flex please

    Starting Qb-Vick RB-Blount WR-Wayne, Lloyd TE-Cooley Pick me 1 flex out of these Bowe, S. Rice, Ocho, C. Ivory, J. Starks Thanks, Leave a link
  13. 69 boss

    Help me choose ! Playoffs !

    I would start Bowe and Moss
  14. 69 boss

    Mercedes Lewis or Ben Watson? WHIR

    I would start Watson with Moore Doubtful. I would play SD def
  15. 69 boss

    pick my starters for 2 positions

    I would start Blount and Miles Austin
  16. 69 boss

    Need flex help!

    I agree that putting your eggs in one basket might be a problem. I would start Fitz
  17. 69 boss


    Crabtree for sure. Weather in Chicago is going to be bad. I would start Jacobs at RB
  18. 69 boss

    Help with Flex

    TD, performance I am starting QB-Vick RB-Blount WR-Wayne, LLoyd Need a flex out of these. C. Ivory D. Bowe-probably not S. Rice Ocho Thanks
  19. 69 boss

    Which RB & TE to play?

    Standard TD and performance league QB-Vick RB- Blount, Ivory, Choice (lost Gore...damn!) WR-Bowe, Lloyd, Wayne (bench Ocho, S. Rice, V. Jackson TE-Cooley, M. Lewis I have my QB & Wr's in. Need to start 1 RB and 1 TE Also B. Watson is on Waivers Thanks
  20. 69 boss

    ESPN league

    Is there anyway to lock teams in a ESPN website league? There are 6 teams in the money bracket and 6 in the consolation bracket. The people in the money bracket want to lock out the others for waivers. There are a few people that are upset that they did not make the playoffs Consolation bracket gets no money. I can't find a place to lock a team. Just a place to delete it. Please help
  21. 69 boss

    Help with WR

    A win gets me into the playoffs Standard TD and Performance league QB-Vick RB-Gore TE-Keller Pick 3 wr's Bowe, Wayne, Lloyd, V. Jackson, S. Rice I'm thinking Bowe, Lloyd, Jackson
  22. 69 boss

    Should I make this trade?

    Standard TD and yardage league Start 1 QB, 1 RB, 2WR, 1, Flex, 1 TE I give D. Bowe I get Green-Ellis, M. Williams (Sea) My team QB-Vick, Palmer RB-Gore, Blount, Wells, J. Stewart WR-Wayne, Ocho, B. Lloyd, D. Bowe, V. Jackson TE-Keller Thanks
  23. 69 boss

    Which RB going forward?

    I have CJ, Bradshaw, P. Thomas I have an open roster spot and would like to add one of these. Blount or B. Wells Which should I grab off of the WW? Thanks
  24. 69 boss

    Life Insurance

    Needing Life insurance! I was quoted through my home and car insurance company (Farmers) Quoted: $250,000/20 year term for $110/month I'm 43, 5'-10" 158lbs I do have high Cholesterol (high 200's) and take meds for it. Everything else is fine, no problems. I thought that was an awfully high quote! am I high? Thanks
  25. 69 boss

    Trade help

    Standard TD and performance league start 1QB, 1RB, 2WR, 1Flex, 1TE, 1K, 1DEf I give: R. Wayne, C. Palmer, Crabtree I Get: T. Brady, MJD, Jets D My Team: QB-Palmer, Vick RB-F. Gore, P. Thomas WR-R. Wayne, Ocho, Bowe, Crabtree, B. Lloyd, V. Jackson TE-Keller, Winslow K.- Succop Def- 49ers Thanks