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  1. enefelcom

    Week 4 pick 2: Cobb, Hurns, M.Bryant, Shepard

    Thanks. It's tough not playing Cobb, but I love Hurns v. my crappy Jets and Shepard might be hitting a groove w/ OBJ back.
  2. I've got 2 spots open with Cobb, Hurns, M. Bryant, and S. Shepard to choose from. Any arguments for which 2? I've currently got Hurns and Shepard up. M. Bryant sounds dinged up. Cobb is the real dilemma.
  3. enefelcom

    CBS worth $150 or move to FREE?

    So I've been on CBS since 1999. Paying $150 in a $300 entry, 10-team league (bringing payout $ down to $2850) seems absurd. Help me out - is it worth $15 per team or is it time to move on? I don't care about our "history"--if it's a comparable product, I think that $150 is better spent on prize money. Thoughts? More importantly, where to go? I'm the commissioner. Thanks.
  4. enefelcom

    How is Bradford looking this year to yall?

    Agree--QB2 w/ upside.
  5. enefelcom

    Garrett Hartley taking over?

    thanks, fatboy!
  6. enefelcom

    Garrett Hartley taking over?

    any word on carney being inactive or hartley officially having the job?
  7. Thoughts on Braylon Edwards vs. Leonard Weaver for flex spot? I'm a Jet fan & I really don't think there's going to be a whole lot of throwing on Sunday. While the Eagles seem to run at will on the Giants. Thoughts on who'll have the better fantasy day?
  8. you know it's bad when i have to ask
  9. enefelcom

    Official JETS defense 2009 thread

    yes, with welker the pats eeked one out against buffalo. well done. pats are an 8-8 team this year. the jets have a bigger challenge next week with tennessee visiting.
  10. thoughts on 2 of those 3? Hightower v St.L Lynch v MIA LJ @ DEN Currently playing LJ & Hightower. Am I making a mistake benching Lynch when he can get 20 touches?
  11. enefelcom

    LJ, Lynch, Hightower (need 2!)

    thoughts on 2 of those 3? Hightower v St.L Lynch v MIA LJ @ DEN Currently playing LJ & Hightower. Am I making a mistake benching Lynch when he can get 20 touches?
  12. enefelcom

    Tough Commish question please respond

    ouch. this hurts, but i (as commish) would have to give it to him. it's part of your league's long-time rules. but here's the unfortunate kicker - commish would have to look for every other 2-pt conversion unless you knew 100% that it wouldn't make a difference elsewhere. if it was the league's 1st season, i'd say tough crap on team C. but if you guys used 2-pts conversions for 6 years & the commish messed up, it's his mess to clean... imo. no one looked for a 2-pt rule change because everyone FAIRLY assumed that it wouldn't be there. in such an established league, commish has to make good on his error - no matter what that means. i'd ask the other teams to waive the 2-pointers & whichever ones did not agree... tough on me. one thing though -- you can probably retro-apply the scoring change. if your league allows for that, this is an EASY decision. you go back to the old un-vetoed rule. good luck. that sucks.
  13. enefelcom

    Commish help...

    da budman makes several good points. i was also going to point out that results don't only effect ONE team - that's short-sighted thinking. fantasy football is a form of gambling - even if it's for no money & you're just gambling your pride. i wonder if this guy would tell a bookie that he meant to bet cleveland an hour after the game. & "i suggest you do the right thing" is pretty damn presumptuous. i'm the commish in my league & this would be a no-brainer - he's SOL. the only way i'd let this fly is if he posted to the league board just before actual gametime - some sites lock you out a few minutes early. i allow posting TO ALL if you meant to do something, but couldn't. this guy has no excuse.
  14. enefelcom

    Breakout for Week Ten

    excellent use of sarcasm.
  15. i have a league that's trying to change the scoring system AFTER draft slots have been given out, but BEFORE the draft. the commissioner is drafting 11 of 12. does anyone see a problem with that?