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  1. Ron 'Tator Salad' White

    [** Official President Joe Biden Thread **]

    Gas is going back up. Eggs are a focking joke. Probably going up again.
  2. Ron 'Tator Salad' White

    Another mass shooting in CA

    Ditto as well just bought from a gun show. Had to wait in line 2 hours for background checks and it was a handgun so of course I needed to show my permit to carry as well. There were no loopholes I could see.
  3. Ron 'Tator Salad' White

    New booze i found

    Picked some up. Not bad!!
  4. Ron 'Tator Salad' White

    ***Official Bills Bengals Thread***

    Hopefully the Hamlin knob slobbering will slow down now.
  5. Ron 'Tator Salad' White


    5.7 needs to come down too much $$
  6. Ron 'Tator Salad' White


    22LR .380 9mm 5.56/.223 need to add a 12ga as well. Will have to look into that 5.7.
  7. Ron 'Tator Salad' White

    The Fonz was a big puzz?

    He was too scared to ride his motorcycle. It was towed on a trailer.
  8. Ron 'Tator Salad' White

    So I Been Making & Eating Gelatin

    They will always be Green Jello
  9. The slippery slope was lubed with the same stuff Clark Griswold used on the saucer in Christmas Vacation.
  10. Ron 'Tator Salad' White

    "Night Court" reboot...

    Sure it’s doing bad due to the cis white males. Racism!!
  11. Ron 'Tator Salad' White

    WTF Is Up With Prime Delivery ?

    Didn’t it used to be 2 days guaranteed? Now its a week if we are feeling generous. Of course the post office here is short staffed so that adds another day or two.
  12. Ron 'Tator Salad' White

    Mr. Coffee Warmer

    Ditto hate it scalding
  13. Ron 'Tator Salad' White

    Night Court

    Loved the original. But Dan as a defense attorney is not right and I am sure it won’t be very woke if he is a horn dog like before.
  14. Adult porn? I guess Penn State did learn something after all