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  1. Ron 'Tator Salad' White

    BLM's turn at the Capitol

    Especially ex NBA players
  2. Ron 'Tator Salad' White

    Fast Food Worker Strike Friday

    They hire the employees based of most qualified, not based of which LGQBTXYZLMPQ letter they have.
  3. Ron 'Tator Salad' White

    Taxpayer funded mouthpiece of the Left...

    No more Red Green, so go for it.
  4. Ron 'Tator Salad' White

    Bears @ Saints

    Diggs! Sideline!! Touchdown!!!
  5. Ron 'Tator Salad' White

    I think Journey has been touring with the wrong singer

    Went to them and Def Leppard couple years ago, I agree that accent was hard to ignore.
  6. Ron 'Tator Salad' White

    Any snow there?

    Waltz banned Christmas
  7. Ron 'Tator Salad' White

    "Night Court" sequel being considered by NBC...

    Harry's the only dead one? They should bring them all back with the new judge. (Hopefully she will be a Mel fan like her dad) And don't forget Yakov!!
  8. Ron 'Tator Salad' White

    Christmas lights are bad

    That’s the ‘Cities’ out state in a trying to stop the bullsh1t
  9. Ron 'Tator Salad' White

    Age yourself with a store no longer around

    Pamida, was bought out by ShopKo, which is also dead
  10. Ron 'Tator Salad' White

    Bombas socks - they "donate" a pair for everyone you purchase. B.S.

    People saying theses are overpriced (they are of course) has never visited a Duluth Trading Company. $30 undies!!
  11. Ron 'Tator Salad' White

    contest! How many days will Joe Biden be president?

    420 days
  12. Ron 'Tator Salad' White

    This is why having a 2A is important.

    Already there
  13. Ron 'Tator Salad' White

    Wife asked which of her friends would I include in a threesome ....

    Fock I would be happy for a twosome with my wife.
  14. Ron 'Tator Salad' White

    Hunter's Role In the Administration?

    Laptop security expert