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  1. Ron 'Tator Salad' White

    [** Official President Joe Biden Thread **]

    Along with an Apple sticker.
  2. Good to hear! Some hope at least.
  3. Went there last year, all I saw was Biden signs, so I doubt that.
  4. The idiots in the Cities, Duluth, Rochester, St Cloud made that cesspool.
  5. Ron 'Tator Salad' White


    Are you sure? seems to be a increase of liberal aliases around here
  6. Ron 'Tator Salad' White

    Ball aluminum cups

    This is why https://youtu.be/BKZqGJONH68
  7. Ron 'Tator Salad' White

    Baby on Nirvana Cover suing them now

    Hopefully Grohl will tell him to fock off, but will probably apologize and give him a big paycheck instead
  8. Ron 'Tator Salad' White

    Utah HS teacher on leave after going full libtard in class

    Minnesota, can't start school while the State Fair is going on!
  9. Ron 'Tator Salad' White


    Nice instructions for the Taliban fish in a barrel
  10. Never underestimate the stupidity of your average city idiot
  11. Ron 'Tator Salad' White

    Worst famous musician

    Remember when Apple forced their album to iPhones? that went over well
  12. Ron 'Tator Salad' White

    Worst famous musician

    Bono the leader of my sh!it don't stink
  13. Ron 'Tator Salad' White

    Death Pool Update: Markie Post at 70...

    Bull is 78.
  14. Ron 'Tator Salad' White

    Just traded a doobie for a 6-pk of Bush

    I agree nasty. Don't get it...
  15. Ron 'Tator Salad' White

    Just traded a doobie for a 6-pk of Bush

    Bush apple? Sold out like crazy here.