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  1. Ron 'Tator Salad' White

    Where did we come from and where are we going ?????

    Cotton Eye Joe?
  2. Ron 'Tator Salad' White

    Dead pool update. Jim Brown dead at 87

    Lacrosse and rapist. Peanut butter and jelly.
  3. Ron 'Tator Salad' White

    Oakland A's Announcer Glen Kuiper Says Racial Slur On Air

    Probably doesn’t want to have to go to Vegas when they move.
  4. Ron 'Tator Salad' White

    ***Official NHL Playoffs Threada***

    Eh unfortunately the Mild err Wild suck just as much.
  5. Ron 'Tator Salad' White

    ***Official NHL Playoffs Threada***

    How the fock did the devils make the second round
  6. Ron 'Tator Salad' White

    ***The 149th Running of the Kentucky Derby***

    What will Johnnys hat be this year?
  7. Ron 'Tator Salad' White

    Rodgers to Jets

    Weird how Jets signed so much ex gb talent you know the same talent that wasn’t good enough in gb.
  8. Ron 'Tator Salad' White

    Rodgers to Jets

  9. Ron 'Tator Salad' White

    What’s the banner ad on your screen right now ?

  10. Ron 'Tator Salad' White

    GenZ wants a promotion NOW$#@!

    877 Cash Now
  11. Ron 'Tator Salad' White

    Socialism here we come!

    630 wtf you can get a mortgage if you’re that low?
  12. You mean Air Jordan’s
  13. Ron 'Tator Salad' White

    Mike Lindell ordered to pay 5M to expert who debunked fake election data

    Don’t forget pee tapes as well
  14. Ron 'Tator Salad' White

    Alec Baldwin killed a woman

    Now imagine if Kevin Sorbo or another conservative actor did the same thing. Would have been the chair months ago.