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  1. No slippery slopes nope none at all. Err more like the slope in Christmas Vacation
  2. Ron 'Tator Salad' White

    Alec Baldwin killed a woman

    Nah more like electric chair
  3. Ron 'Tator Salad' White

    Climate chaos

    Or jets when ms swift forgets her phone on the other side of her mansion
  4. Ron 'Tator Salad' White

    Climate chaos

    Waste from all those worthless Packer stock certificates they print.
  5. Ron 'Tator Salad' White

    Bills to launch Gay football league

    Unfortunately the name Packers is already taken
  6. Ron 'Tator Salad' White

    Happy Juneteenth everyone

    Happy St Floyd day
  7. Ron 'Tator Salad' White

    Caitlin Clark debut

    Shower attendant
  8. Ron 'Tator Salad' White

    Michigan Water Park shooting

    Fitting for celebrate mental illness month.
  9. Especially Bernie’s
  10. Ron 'Tator Salad' White

    Caitlin Clark debut

    Power point
  11. Ron 'Tator Salad' White

    torridjoe is not torridjoe

    Hauck Gutter or Rusty
  12. Ron 'Tator Salad' White

    "Night Court" reboot...

    Of course they just had to make Roz a lesbian
  13. Ron 'Tator Salad' White

    Harrison Butker, geek club hero

    A nice relaxing shower should help as well