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  1. Whynotme

    league check in

    Im back
  2. Whynotme

    Posters you miss

    Thedanzone cyric Jessy steebo swirvinirvin cdub edjr megla
  3. Whynotme

    * Clash's 12 Team 4 Keeper League- RECRUITING AGAIN 4 NEW MEMBERS

    You know im always up for a good geek league. If you cant find an owner let me know.. BTW are you in the college league that was proposed on the find a league page??
  4. Whynotme

    College fantasy football league

    im down I love me some college FB...
  5. Whynotme

    college football fans

    I found this interesting and enjoyed the read. http://cfn.scout.com/2/655893.html http://cfn.scout.com/2/655895.html 37. Miami at Florida State, Oct. 20 It should say something about the state of the two superpowers that it's not one of the biggest of the big games of the year, but they'll have to earn their former lofty status. On the plus side, they play midseason when they should be fully jelled, so there probably won't be the brutally ugly slugfests of the last three years when they played in the season opener. Miami has the better team with a better defense, but will the offense have shown up by mid-October? Not really, but the running game will rumble against the above-average Seminole defensive front. The Canes will have played in a few interesting, big games before going to Tallahassee, but this will be the one that officially kicks off the Randy Shannon era. Predicted score in July: Miami 20 ... Florida State 17 Wow this game should have been top 15 IMO.. Man I cant wait for football!!!! oh yea here is a pre season ranking I ran across. It comes from Surefire Scouting and it's their 2007 College Football Preseason Top 30 1 USC 2 LSU 3 West Virginia 4 Michigan 5 Texas 6 Virginia Tech 7 Louiville 8 TCU 9 Florida 10 Nebraska 11 UCLA 12 Penn State 13 Miami 14 Ohio State 15 Tennessee 16 Oregon 17 Wisconsin 18 Hawaii 19 Alabma 20 California 21 Boise State 22 Texas A&M 23 Auburn 24 Florida State 25 Oklahoma State 26 Rutgers 27 Boston College 28 Arkansas 29 Iowa 30 Utah
  6. Sure I will hire 100 more big wangs to get the job done.
  7. ATrain at 1.6 the year after his ROY breakout season..
  8. Whynotme

    Dynasty - ONE Teams open (AMAZING TEAM) See Inside

    Sorry man I didnt pay good enough attention count me out if its on CBS hope your league fills and you have a good season though.
  9. Scooter still thinks I own a chinese sweat shop..
  10. Whynotme

    Dynasty - ONE Teams open (AMAZING TEAM) See Inside

    I would take over this team and manage it as good as a true fftoday geek possibly could!!!!
  11. Win or lose I still have the biggest WANG!!!!!!
  12. Id like a second shot at ya clash put me down..
  13. Whynotme

    Worst NFL team in 2007

    I voted for Cleveland but only because I want Dallas to have the #1 pick in the draft next year!!