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    Anyone visiting here?

  2. The nice thing is that poison pill only applied to the HAwks not the Vikings. So next year when McKinnie is a FA the Vikes can give him more money than Hutch got and his contract sint guaranteed. Absolutly brilliant move by his agent and Rob Brezinski!
  3. Tough Guy

    Vikes Sign Hutch To Offer Sheet

    As a Vikings fan I'm doing this ! McKinnie, Hutch, and a healthy Birk will be a huge upgrade to that line. Now if they can just get Rosey to play well.
  4. Tough Guy

    Fftoday Main Boarders Check In!

    Glad to see this place up and going again! I was about to give up hope, glad i didnt
  5. Tough Guy

    Wow This Thing Is On!

    Hey this thing is on!!!!
  6. Tough Guy

    Jiggy?Throwing a game ?

    I sent him an email sunday afternoon about this but heard nothing back yet, Slash said he talked to him and tried to make sense of it. I think Slash should put in here what was said so everyone can hear Jiggys side of the story. Like i said before atleast two of those players NEVER get benched.
  7. Tough Guy

    Jiggy?Throwing a game ?

    Davis, Gabriel, and Lee totaled 9.70 points. Edge, had 19.9, Glenn had 38.4, crumpler had 12.4, bruce had 11.6, driver had 7.2. he lost by 12.2 points 63.2 to 51.0 so by starting edge who should never be benched and any one of the others over lee/gabriel he would have won.
  8. Tough Guy

    Jiggy?Throwing a game ?

    Just to make a point, I understand playing matchups and have no problem with that at all trust me ive been doing it with my crappy recievers all season. But to start Trent "I'm not starting" Dilfer instead of Eli or Brad Johnson, and bench Edgerrin "#5 scoring player" James for Davis, and Driver/Glenn for Doug "I'm a #4 WR" Gabriel, and Bench Alge Crumpler for Donald "WHO???" Lee. Every one of us have players that we bench that score more than the players we start every week but atleast 3 of the 4 should have been started. If you really think that Davis is going to do good then you start Davis and Edge. OK I'm done ranting, I want to hear what everyone else has to say on this. OK one more thing, I think that Jiggy MUST get on FFToday and be active on this board! Oak doesnt post often but atleast we know he is on and reads the board.
  9. Tough Guy

    Jiggy?Throwing a game ?

    Yeah i noticed this yesterday. He has three players in the top 25 in scoring and they are all benched. There is no reason to bench Eli, Edge, and Driver/Glenn for Davis, Dilfer, and Gabriel. He will more than likley lose this game, and due to that it will cause the #1 pick that i got from Theyhateme to go from the #2 to the #4 which is huge!!! I am not happy about this at all, not only for me but all of us put our money into this league and to have something like this to happen is unacceptable! Jiggy has been a very inactive part of this league and I dont think he is even on FFToday. We all deserve an explanation of his actions in this even thou i dont think that there is a credible one. I'm just very upset that this happened, I honestly have no clue what to do or say about this. Except even with LJ puttin up 39 points i still lost my damn game so he doesnt get the #1 because be beat me earlier this season.
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  11. Tough Guy

    Question for Commishes

    There is a pinned thread icalled 4th and inches rules that says all of this.
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    glad theres one more week left!!!!
  13. Tough Guy

    River Ace

    Besides if River Ace wins, and BFB looses then that will more than likley give me two of the top three picks in the draft! And very possible the 1 and 2!!!!! REGGIE REGGIE REGGIE
  14. Tough Guy

    River Ace

    Well you should have made a trade with me to help ya out! And you should fire Patsy Cline as your head coach