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  1. Students and parents are calling for culture changes at a New Jersey high school a week after a 14-year-old freshman died by suicide. Adriana Olivia Kuch killed herself on Feb. 3, days after a video of her being attacked by four classmates spread around Central Regional High School in Bayville, her father Michael Kuch told NJ Advance Media. He is demanding action from the school district, and students on Wednesday staged a walkout to protest bullying, News 12 New Jersey reported. https://www.nj.com/education/2023/02/nj-family-students-demand-culture-change-after-14-year-old-dies-by-suicide.html
  2. Agreed. We should all fight against supporting the rights of others. Where do they think this is, America? Fock these freaks!
  3. Jeff Probst

    NFL Honors

    Kelly Clarkson is terrible. Bring back Steve Harvey.
  4. Jeff Probst

    Black History Month

    He definitely does. That's not even debatable.
  5. Jeff Probst

    Trans Kids

    I thought the commies were going to nuke us because we have trans kids?
  6. Jeff Probst

    Trans Kids

  7. Jeff Probst

    Boom! Disney getting canceled πŸ€£πŸ˜…

    All you do is spread BS
  8. Jeff Probst

    Boom! Disney getting canceled πŸ€£πŸ˜…

    Care to share your reasoning dummy?
  9. Jeff Probst

    Boom! Disney getting canceled πŸ€£πŸ˜…

    No, the reason was already explained, Allen is the voice of the toy, but the movie was not about the toy, so it didn't make sense to have Allen. That was always the reason, but you guys wanted to stick to your woke agenda so you denied it.
  10. Jeff Probst

    Boom! Disney getting canceled πŸ€£πŸ˜…

    Im old enough to remember the magatards crying about Disney was too woke to use tim Allen as the voice for buzz lightyear
  11. Jeff Probst

    Trans Kids

    OK, so TL;DR: The govt wants to control us, and they will do this by changing the sexes of our kids thus in turn destroying families, and the destroyed family members turn to the Govt for support. Correct?
  12. Jeff Probst

    Trans Kids

    Let's just assume this is all true for right now, what is the end game? Why do all this? What's the purpose?
  13. Jeff Probst

    Black Female Republican councilman gunned down

    Correct, it's not, as reported in both cases. Might want to shut your b1tch mouth before you look even dumber. Sources familiar with the men told RLS Media that the incident resulted from a hostile work environment when Curtis was employed at PSEG. Preliminary investigation has revealed that the shooting was an isolated incident and Mr. Heller was the intended target.
  14. Jeff Probst

    Joe Biden’s State of the Union speech to Congress

    paddleboat, shaped like a swan.