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  1. lpepping1

    Top 5 Return Specialist

    What about Sproles and Amendola? Are they still returning kicks?
  2. lpepping1

    Percy Harvin in return yardage leagues

    Also, how much will kicking off from the 35 affect return yardage?
  3. lpepping1

    14 team drafts.........

    Can you post the draft results for your league? Or maybe just the first few rounds?
  4. lpepping1

    screwed by these wrs qb status

  5. lpepping1

    Brutal choice

    Amendola or roll the dice with webb
  6. lpepping1

    AM I seriously considering benching AP?

    1 BJGE 2 Jacobs 3 Forte/AP
  7. lpepping1

    My QB

    I like Freeman this week
  8. lpepping1

    Rodgers out

  9. lpepping1

    last wr spot

  10. lpepping1

    Boldin or Jennings

  11. lpepping1

    WR help!

    Wallace Johnson boldin
  12. lpepping1


    Wallace & holmes
  13. lpepping1

    Need some help - 3 WR's

    X3 http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=379128
  14. lpepping1

    Flex question...who to start?

    So my options are: AP - leaning towards him but hate the circumstances Calvin - can't afford a performance like last week Forte - terrible conditions Webb - so much talk of him lately I threw him in Any thoughts?