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  1. I mentioned his name and sent him into a violent tailspin!
  2. That's because you stand for nothing and fall for everything. Hence voting twice for the slob that currently occupies the WH. Congrats! You're gutless and clueless.
  3. I love when you and your fluffer Sho Nuff use the same terms: hack, mocking, ...lol
  4. There you go! Stop talking about what a loser you are for posting on the weekend and bring up a subject you can relate to: cack!
  5. FlaHawker

    A non Phurfur thread

    Hey Professor, you forgot how to spell ALL! Dumb bastard! You should have stayed in school.
  6. So surprised someone with this type of talent failed so miserably at life!
  7. Elaborate?? like you're interested in his opinion! LOL
  8. A garment boy should never make fun of anyone's career
  9. Surrendering because you lied and got caught! ROTFLMAO!! Umm yea ok loser! Your multiple posts spinning like a top prove otherwise...
  10. Nice spin focktard! What a hypocritical lying sack of shite you are. You know damn well what you meant but now you're spinning like a top because you are getting your arse handed to you! lol love how you redefine a loser when you realize you focked up! Now take your little geek picture threads, your little music threads, shove them up your arse and go lock yourself away at the closet.
  11. Must suck to be a weekend loser now too! A 7 day a week loser! But we all knew that.
  12. Says the loser who can't even put his daughter through college!