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  1. Nope, I need the win, can't take the chance. Have to sit him. Playing Parker vs. Eagles instead.
  2. I picked up Green Bay this week to play over the Niners. Matchup at Giants just seems a lot less risky, as someone above mentioned.
  3. stratmel

    James White this week

    I have him in over D. Freeman. Freeman only got 10.4 points tonight, so I feel pretty good he'll top that.
  4. stratmel

    Pick 1- flex in full PPR

    I have: Curtis Samuel at home vs. Atlanta or Dede Westbrook in the dome at Indy, with Foles back. Thanks!
  5. stratmel

    Chark or Diggs???

    Same situation here. Tough call, but I'm going with Diggs over Chark.
  6. I had McCaffrey (47.7), Thielen (32), Godwin (31.5) and PHL (35), for 206 total. My best ff day ever. Would have been our 14-yr.-old league record except for the guy in a different matchup who had Watson (46.7), Fuller (53.7) and A. Jones (49.2) for a 234 total. Fun day.
  7. stratmel

    What Do You Need Tonight? - Week 2

    I'm up 60 on the Mahomes owner who has Chubb going tonight. I'm done, but I think I got this one, thanks to Dak and the Pats D.
  8. stratmel

    Pick 2 of these 4

    Need to start 2 of these, non-PPR: Crabtree vs. Broncos Jamal Williams @ Steelers Anderson vs. Panthers Parker @ Patriots Thanks
  9. stratmel

    2 spots, 5 WRs

    I have MBryant and Cooper in now. Could go with Floyd(SD), JMatthews or Moncrief. Thanks, any help is appreciated.
  10. stratmel

    I will answer all questions

    Would appreciate some help, wk 1 WSIS: Std 12-team 2RB, 2WR, 1Flex(RB/WR) RB's: CJohnson, Lynch, K Smith, Jennings WR's: White, Maclin, Torrey Smith, Nate Washington I'm thinking CJ, Lynch, Jennings, Roddy, Torrey Smith Tough to sit the other guys, esp w/ Lynch a ?. Thanks
  11. stratmel

    Return plusses

    My return league last year had Amendola, Harvin and Ford finishing as the top 3 fantasy Wr's. I don't think there will be near as much production from these guys this year since the kickoff line is moved up 5 yds. I'm interested in targeting punt return WR's & RB's instead. (Sproles, Leon Washington, Stephens-Howling??) late in the draft. Have a great season.
  12. stratmel

    Who else has to wait until Tuesday night

    I'm up 54 with Djax vs. Turner, Hartley & Vick. It's gonna be tight.
  13. stratmel

    #4 people?

    I'm definitely grabbing LT or SJax over Forte and Turner if I get the chance.
  14. stratmel

    Anthony Gonzalez

    I like this guy, too. I believe the defense attention will be mostly focused on Wayne and Clark. I'd love to get him as my WR2 in my draft next Tuesday. He's got balls.
  15. 6 from Cutler for the win. Should be ok unless he gets run over by a bus on the way into the stadium.