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  1. stratmel

    We are the Champions!

    QB - Carr RB - Kyren, Taylor WR - Tyreek, St. Brown Flex - Aiyuk K - Butker D - Jets Bench - Love, Montgomery, Singletary, Kittle, LV 19-year-old PPR league. This is my 3rd win (2010 and 2019). First time winner of the points championship. Scored 165.88 - might be a league record for the championship game. Happy New Year to all and many thanks to the guys in the Little Help Thread. You saved my bacon on a few occasions ths year!
  2. stratmel

    Pick an RB2

  3. stratmel

    Pick an RB2

    Would you play Taylor vs. LV or Singletary vs. Ten at RB this week? I think Taylor, but I'm not at all sure. Singletary has a much better matchup.
  4. stratmel

    QB and Def for the Ship

    LOL, yeah, that would be great. I left the Jets in the lineup Thursday night, turned out ok, they scored 15.5. Opponent has Olave, so it'll be good test of the (non-existent) cancellation theory. Love might be missing all of his receivers, so I agree with both of you on Carr. Thanks, you guys, Happy New Year to both of you!
  5. stratmel

    QB and Def for the Ship

    Love @ Min or Carr @ TB Jets @ Cle tomorrow night or Raiders @ Indy I'm leaning Carr and the Raiders, what do you think? This is a full PPR league, passing is 25 yds per point and TD's are 5 points
  6. stratmel

    Montgomery or Singletary?

    Yeah, I'm leaning to Singletary. Just a gut feeling that he's set up to have a really nice day. Thanks!
  7. stratmel

    Montgomery or Singletary?

    Yes, full point PPR
  8. stratmel

    Montgomery or Singletary?

    Would you play Singletary vs. DEN or Montgomery @ NO this week? I was all set to play Monty, but Fantasy Pros says that Singletary is an RB2 with RB1 upside, while Pierce is droppable, and Monty is an RB2, having to split time with Gibbs, so it got me doubting myself. Both are projected for about the same points, Who would you play? Thanks for any advice.
  9. stratmel

    Singletary with Pierce back

    I have him on my bench right now, but I have Taylor and maybe Kyren Williams ready to go. Otherwise, I'd play him. He has tripled his FF point production since Pierce went out, I can't see them giving that up just yet in a 50-50 timeshare. He's averaging 130 yards and a TD over the last 2 games. I just don't see how they can expect the same production from both guys. I think Pierce should have to show them something before it becomes a full-fledged RBBC.
  10. stratmel

    RB Help

    I just checked back, and all of a sudden he's there. I swear, all they had listed when I first posted was Mark Ingram. Anyway, all fixed now. I panicked when I saw Demercado was out. Thanks, you guys.
  11. stratmel

    RB Help

    Yeah, pretty sure Conner isn't playing, but this is a Yahoo league, and they don't even have Ingram listed as a player, so that's out.
  12. stratmel

    RB Help

    12 team PPR, start 2 RB's. Just read that Demercado is out. I only have one healthy RB, Jonathan Taylor, left. Monty and Kyren are both on my bench, but unavailable. Yahoo doesn' t even list Demercado's replacement, Keaontay Ingram, as a player. So, top RB's on the wire are Charbonnet, Allgeier and Zeke. I'm thinking of just dropping Demercado for Charbonnet, since he seems to have the most value going forward, even if he doesn't pan out this week. I could also drop Jordan Love, but that would just leave me with Herbert as my only QB. What would you do? Any advice would be helpful, thanks in advance.
  13. stratmel

    Bye Week Help

    Done. Thanks, Paws
  14. stratmel

    Bye Week Help

    12 team PPR Need to fill one WR/TE flex spot. Have St. Brown, Aiyuk and Kittle all on bye. Wire has Boyd, Goedert, Rice, Dell, Reed, Douglas and Cooks available. I can drop Raiders D (I have the Jets) or Atwell, or both for a better guy who will play week 9 and be worth keeping going forward. What would you do? Thanks in advance, any advice is appreciated.
  15. stratmel

    Cinco de FU (Week 5)

    FU Wash D. 3 sacks, 2 TFL = +5. 40 pts given up = -5. Net =0. Thanks. Yahoo projection: +12.6. Thanks again. FU for your "expert" non-insight. FU to me. I coulda started NYJ. But no. Easy matchup vs. CHI. Fock!