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  1. stratmel

    Pick 3 WR's

    2 WR slots and a Flex in a 12-team PPR: Woods, Ridley, Boyd, Parker & Diontae Johnson. I'm leaning Ridley (Julio out) VS. CAR, and Woods @ WAS, but the rest are also all viable. Who would you start? Thanks
  2. We start 2 RB, a WR, a WR/TE and a WR/RB. I've got Aaron Jones and McKinnon at RB and Ridley and Woods at WR. Would you start Diontae Johnson vs. Hou (listed as Q - did not practice Wed- turf toe) or Parker (lingering hammy?) tonight at Jax? I also have Boyd at Philly or Dion Lewis vs. SF I could use. Thanks for any help.
  3. stratmel

    Who is going to have a blowup week week 3

    Lost Barkley, was 8th on waivers, still managed to snag McKinnon. He's been looking great. Thanks, Axe and DrG.
  4. stratmel

    What Do You Need On Monday Night - Week 1

    Barkley to outscore Gordon by 2.05.
  5. stratmel

    Vikings at 49ers Discussion

    Wow, Niners looked good, clearly superior. Defensive stamina. Hope they keep it up for 2 more games.
  6. stratmel

    Vikings at 49ers Discussion

    Both teams looked fairly sharp by halftime. Gonna be close. Fun game to watch. Defenses are both good.
  7. stratmel

    Vikings at Saints: In-Game Discussion

    Good call. My sister was at the game and texted me this just as the 1st quarter was ending.
  8. stratmel

    Post Your Championship Squad

    Thanks to FFToday and all the people on the Help bored who advised me on lineups over the last 6 weeks or so. I won this PPR league for the first time since 2010. QB - Winston, Wentz RB - CMC, D. Freeman, Boone, White WR - Perriman (had Godwin all year), Parker, Thielen, McLaurin TE - Waller K- Tucker D - SF Played the Lamar/Julio/Gordon team, won by 15.
  9. League 1: I'm up 25 with Boone or Thielen. Opponent has Diggs. Could be ok. League 2: I'm up 14 with Diggs. Opponent has Jones & Adams. Could be in trouble.
  10. I'm up 25 with Boone or Thielen to go. Opponent has Diggs.
  11. stratmel

    Mike Boone anyone?

    I got Boone or Thielen for a wr/rb flex spot. Pretty sure I'm sticking w/ Boone.
  12. 15-year old league, 12 team redraft, ppr. Won the total points title, and beat the top seed by 78 this week. QB - Winston, Wentz RB - McCaffrey, D. Freeman, White, Washington WR - Godwin, Parker, Thielen, Westbrook TE - Waller K - Tucker D - SF Playing the Lamar owner next week. Also hoping to snag Perriman off the wire tomorrow.
  13. stratmel

    Thielen's return

    I'm playing him over Kirk today. Hope it's the right move.
  14. stratmel

    Semifinals in 2 Leagues

    League 1: full ppr, 2 flex spots, a WR/TE and a WR/RB, so need 2 of: Waller, Westbrook, Parker, Thielen and D. Freeman. I've got White in as RB2, but could switch him with Freeman. Also have Washington if Jacobs doesn't go. League 2: full ppr, QB: Dak or Tannehill, DEF: NE or PIT Have Jacobs in a RB/WR spot. If he doesn't go, I have Thielen or Diggs. I'm thinking Thielen here, but it's risky. Thanks for any help
  15. Nope, I need the win, can't take the chance. Have to sit him. Playing Parker vs. Eagles instead.