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  1. stratmel

    The Official Week 17 FU Thread: Championship Edition

    Zeke: where are you? AB: geez.
  2. What? Really? You mean I've been playing in the wrong league all year? Holy mackerel! I wish you would have mentioned this before the season started. Oh well, no way to fix it now. I guess I'll just go and win it anyway.
  3. Nice. Mine is full PPR - I have: Kyler, Zeke, Mixon, Kupp, Antonio Brown, Mooney, Butker, GB. On the bench: Jeff Wilson, Carter, Marquis Brown, Aiyuk and Gronk. Will slot in Gronk if Antonio is out. Opponent has: Rodgers, Aaron Jones, Cordarrelle Patterson, Renfrow, St. Brown, McLaurin, Gay, PHL. Bench: Carr, Deonte Harris, Justin Jackson, Boston Scott, DAL. We were the 4th and 6th seeds in the playoffs and knocked off 1 and 2 to get here. I beat him by 8 in week 10. I like my chances, also. Good luck, cmh!
  4. stratmel

    Nick Foles to start for Bears

    Does this help or hinder Mooney?
  5. stratmel

    Week 16 All-Out Blitz ...

    Full PPR, have a WR/TE spot, and a WR/RB spot, so need 2 of Aiyuk, Mooney, Marquis Brown, Mike Williams, Jeff Wilson. I could possibly get Carter, Gronk, Antonio Brown or Gage from the waiver wire tonight at midnight. Other starters: Kyler Murray, Elliott, Mixon, Kupp. Thanks in advance.
  6. stratmel

    What do you have or need

    I'm down 32 with Kupp and Mooney left in my PPR league. Opponent is done. I have a chance.
  7. stratmel

    Week 15 Flex

    I have Mike Williams tonight, or Mooney vs. Minny on Monday, or Marquis Brown at home but with a gimpy QB on Sunday. I'm leaning to Williams. What say you guys? Thanks in advance.
  8. stratmel

    WR's Pick 2 of 4

    I have Aiyuk, Mooney, Mike Williams and Marquis Brown in a PPR league, with 2 WR slots open. Who would you play this week? Right now, I have Williams and Brown on the bench. Thanks in advance.
  9. I have Mike Williams @ DEN, Hollywood Brown vs CLE and Brandon Aiyuk vs MIN, all in the afternoon or tonight's games. I need one of these. Brown has the best projections, But I like Aiyuk's matchup. What would you do? Thanks in advance
  10. stratmel

    The Official Week 10 FU Thread

    FU Matt OK-we're rockin'-with-30.5-points-last-week-without-Ridley Ryan.117 yds passing= 4.68 points. 2 INT's= -4 points. In my lineup this week because Murray is out and Rothliesburger got COVID, total this week: .68. Thanks, Matty. Someone should bury you in an iceberg for the next thousand years, you craphead.
  11. stratmel

    Kyler Murray or ???

    Thanks, guys. After much hemming and hawing, I grabbed Jordan Love off the wire and stuck him in the lineup, benching Murray. I like the matchup w/ KC's D, and he has Adams and Lazard back. Might be ok.
  12. stratmel

    Kyler Murray or ???

    I have Murray and Useless-This-Week Trey Lance rostered in my 12-team PPR league. Murray is a game time decision in an afternoon (late) game. If he doesn't play, all available QB's on the wire are the untested Love, (game time same as Murray) or the 2 "superb" Monday night guys, Rothliesburger or Fields. I could avoid the whole issue and pick up and play Bridgewater, Ryan, Mayfield, Mac Jones or Tyrod Taylor, who all play in the early games, but I don't think any of them will be as productive as Kyler even if he's limited. What would you do? Thanks in advance for any advice.
  13. stratmel

    Need an RB, and pick a D

    Thanks Paws, makes sense. Would you start Collins or Gainwell this week?
  14. stratmel

    Need an RB, and pick a D

    Geez, this is great. Week 5 and I'm already scrambling for bodies. This is a 12-team PPR, with 2 starting RB's. I have Carson at RB2 and Mixon on the bench. Neither should play. Even if they do, they'll be dogmeat. I can get Gainwell, Collins or Lat Murray off the wire. I would have to give up Mooney, Sutton or whichever defense (Den or Pit) I don't use this week to get one of them. I'm thinking start the Pit D, and give up the Den D for Latavius Murray, although Gainwell might be a better long-term RB addition. What would you do? Thanks for any help.
  15. stratmel

    Anyone Else Starting The Bengals D Tonight ?

    I grabbed the CIN D about an hour before game time off the wire and plugged 'em in. When will I learn to stay away from Thursday night games, if possible?