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  1. rashasha

    MFL Power not working

    The MFL Power tool is not working for my league (#19719) even though the dynasty and preseason rankings have been updated for 2017.
  2. rashasha

    FFT's Projections & Rankings

    Ha! I've been checking the site every couple of hours today to get the projections! I'm glad I'm not the only one jones-ing for some fantasy football!
  3. rashasha

    Total points vs. value

    I'm in a league that starts 1 QB, then any combination for a total of 5 RB, WR, Or TE, then 1 K and 1 team D. For a more traditional league with more strict starter restrictions, I would draft players based on their overall VALUE compared to other players at their position, not necessarily their total Points scored. But under this lineup system, should I disregard the "value" of a player and just go for total points?