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  1. Yep, I could stream them, no restriction on roster moves other than a $1000 waiver bid limit and it costs me a buck for each move. Gonna stick with Ebron or dump for doyle this week then move to Fant.
  2. Sorry, should have mentioned that, no, it is not. Stone age scoring, 1 pt per 20 yards and TD's.
  3. mgs316

    Wk 9 Rankings: where's WAS WR McLaurin?!

    I meant more that it's not him fading but the situation(s). But yes, his pts have decreased, good work Columbo.
  4. Kind of liking Fant as a TE is a rookie QB's best friend.
  5. Any insight into these bums? Had Walker then Dissly, now stuck with Ebron. Available: Walker Ebron Doyle Olsen Noah Fant - Den Eifert Witten McDonald Ryan Griffin - jets Gesicki - fins Either of the tampa TE's though I own Evans.
  6. mgs316

    Wk 9 Rankings: where's WAS WR McLaurin?!

    Heck if I know, I was just sticking up for my boy and his bad last two weeks which weren't really his fault. If you're 1-7, might as well stick that garbage rookie QB in there.
  7. mgs316

    Wk 9 Rankings: where's WAS WR McLaurin?!

    Not fading necessarily (SF was under 6 feet of water then @Vikings) but the inevitable Haskins into the starting lineup made for a poor future.
  8. mgs316

    Your first ever fantasy football pick

    1998 - Jeff George, end of first round. Think he got hurt, ended up riding Marino and Eric Moulds to the championship.
  9. mgs316

    Your worst pick this year

    Kamara over McCaffrey. Oops. (Still in first place and with the most points)
  10. mgs316

    Will Dissly

    My waiver options: Fells, Navy Seals Jones and Ebron.
  11. mgs316

    Darrel Williams?

    I'm waiting for BrutGnome's take on this situation.
  12. mgs316

    Value of Daniel Jones?

    Terrible defense and always playing catch-up, garbage time stats! Decent/good skill position guys. Just grabbed him, dropped the artist formally known as Darwin Thompson. Rodgers gets one more week to prove he isn't complete trash, then it's the DJ show for my squad.
  13. mgs316

    Who are your buy low guys after 3 weeks?

    I own Rodgers but if I did not, buy low or is he just this QB now with this team around him? 25 TD's last year, only 4 in 3 games this year. Not the same guy or schedule/injury recovery? NM, discussed in another thread.
  14. mgs316

    *** The Official Rate My Team Thread ***

    Yep, we got kicked out of our bar at the end of the draft and I basically just had to pick someone by phone while sitting in my car, Lee was listed up top.
  15. mgs316

    *** The Official Rate My Team Thread ***

    I mean, you're loaded but I can't wrap my head around an 8 team league to be honest. Basically Zeke doesn't break down due to hold out and Wentz stays upright, that's a very good team obviously.