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  1. throttlers

    Ingram or Ginn at flex tonight?

    Normally it's Ingram no question. However, with Snead out and the potential for an ADP revenge game, do I sit Ingram for Ginn?
  2. throttlers

    2017 Off-Season Dynasty Trades

    Wow. I've got nothing but low ball offers for him. I haven't really shopped him though.
  3. throttlers

    Jordan Reed Trade Value

    Anyone in dynasty see any recent trades involving Jordan Reed? I'm trying to get a better idea of his current market value.
  4. throttlers

    Sleeper RBs this year

    Agree with a number of names here. I'll throw out one more name as a late flier: CJ Spiller. He never looked himself last year. He looks great in camp and in pre-season. I know it's Ingram's show, but if you can play in that offense, Brees will get you the ball. I think he has upside to be a regular flex play if things break right.
  5. I'm not looking for specific advice on my teams, but general philosophy on these type of drafts. Do you approach the drafts differently? Larger leagues (14-16 teams) I have a couple of these this year, and I've mainly done 12 teams before now. Do you treat the larger leagues any differently when there are more picks between rounds? I'm especially interested in early round strategies. I'd think it's pretty much best player available after the first few rounds. Keeper Leagues All the keeper leagues I've done have been dynasty leagues. What are your strategies for leagues where you keep 1-3 players. How much do you move up younger guys like Elliott or Johnson. Would you take them over an often banged up guy like Julio in these leagues? IDP Flex I've played in full IDP, but this is my first year with a couple of IDP flex leagues. Do you treat this like a redraft and grab your IDPs at the end or do you target top IDP players early?
  6. throttlers

    Anyone trade/trade for 1.01 rookie pick pre-draft?

    I agree with you, but that isn't what I asked. I just asked the value based on any trades that may have happened. I am on the other side. The guy with 1.01 is shopping it to me.
  7. Has anyone made early deals involving the 1.01 rookie pick this year? I am involved in trade discussions and wondering what the current market value is pre-draft.
  8. throttlers

    Question For Dynasty Commissioners

    Thanks for all the input. I know a lot of people find auctions more fun. I'm just not one of those people. I'm a seasoned vet who has done a lot of both and I just prefer snake draft to auction, when drafting an entire team. I know all the arguments for auction, and I am not going to try and counter them, it's just preference. That being said, we will have FA's done by auction bid. We will have a rookie draft every year. As far as the salary cap working with a draft, we already do this with rookies drafts in all of my salary cap leagues. We just use a sliding scale for the initial salary based on draft slot. Jdon, I do like the idea of starting as a keeper and then morphing into dynasty. I have another keeper that I might use that idea for. However, it's just not what I am looking for with this particular league. Again, thanks all. You have given me a few things to think about.
  9. I am starting a new dynasty league. It will likely be 12 teams, PPR, IDP with salary caps and contracts. I have been in multiple dynasty leagues like this, but I have never been in one from the beginning. I have been league commish of several redraft leagues, but I have never run a dynasty league. I am wondering about how to handle the initial draft. It will probably be a snake draft. I get the arguments for an auction at startup, but I just strongly prefer snake drafts. I can't give you a good reason, just a strong personal preference. After the draft, FA's will be handled through an auction bid system. My initial inclination is to just have one draft the first year, and include rookies. Is there an advantage to doing a rookie draft separate the first year? What are your thoughts on when to do the draft. Should I wait until right before the season like a redraft, or would it be good to get things started right after the NFL draft? Does it matter?
  10. throttlers

    Trading 1.1 rookie pick

    Not to hijack the thread but I have an offer for Watkins. I'd get 1.7, 2.1, and then 2016 3rd.
  11. throttlers

    Trading 1.1 rookie pick

    I have Watkins in a dynasty and considered something like that. I think Watkins is more talented than Cooper or White, but his situation in Buffalo leaves a lot to be desired.
  12. throttlers

    So who is the #1 pick in FF?

    Bell is #1 for me right now, even with the suspension. That could change depending on who ends up as the starting RB in places like Dallas and Atlanta. Depending on scoring format, the others I might consider would be Gronk, Julio or A. Brown. I might take one of the non-rb's first if it were a league where I thought I could get someone like CJ Anderson in the 2nd.
  13. throttlers

    Time to trade Megatron?

    The ODB owner is approaching me, not the other way around. I am not going to rationalize his thinking. For me it's close. For a team that is ready to win now Calvin is safer. We aren't sure what the Giants offense will look like this year, and there is always the chance of a sophomore slump. ODB is definitely the better long term prospect. I'm not sure he's the better bet for a team poised to win it all this year.
  14. throttlers

    Time to trade Megatron?

    Name value, proven stud for years, coolest nickname of any WR.
  15. throttlers

    Trading 1.1 rookie pick

    As I mentioned, I traded away future picks. To be specific I traded it for 2016 first and second round picks, and a 2017 second round pick. I had 2 first rounders for 2016 before the trade. I asked the question because I want to know what other deals are going down for 1.1. My trade was only for picks, and I wanted to know what kind of established players are good to target with the 1.1 right now.