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  1. It was a onside kick???
  2. ghost168

    Schaub out?

    Great my season is over
  3. ghost168

    Steve Slaton placed on IR

    If you are a schaub owner then brown will be a good pickup. Should be a high scoring game against Jacksonville and Houston should score 4-5 touchdowns. Brown will get the goalline carries
  4. ghost168

    DJAX likley out Sunday

    DeSean Jackson (concussion) told ESPN's Sal Paolantonio that it's "extremely unlikely" he'll play against the Falcons Sunday. "I don't think I can go," he said. "I blacked out." Assuming he did in fact lose consciousness, which had not been previously reported, D-Jax is in danger of missing more than just this week. The Eagles will be extra careful thanks to their previous experience with Brian Westbrook. Jason Avant and Reggie Brown will see a bump in targets against Atlanta's rancid secondary.
  5. ghost168

    Patriots @ Saints

    Pats 0-4 on the road...... Where will they be in the playoffs????? On the road!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. ghost168

    Patriots @ Saints

    Oops forgot Payton has class
  7. ghost168

    Patriots @ Saints

    C'mon Payton put 50 up on these losers
  8. ghost168

    Patriots @ Saints

    Wish my quarterback played against this defense this year....... Wish it was every week as I would never lose
  9. ghost168

    Patriots @ Saints

    Miami should stop trying to run the ball against the Pats and throw it....... My kids flag team could throw against this defense
  10. ghost168

    Patriots @ Saints

    Brady can't win if he defense can't get off the field or........................... Stop the other teams from scoring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. ghost168

    Patriots @ Saints

    Pats D sucks!!!!!! They are lucky their division sucks
  12. ghost168

    Patriots @ Saints

    Everyone was open in that endzone pass............... PATS D SUCKS
  13. ghost168

    Patriots @ Saints

    Pats have the worst defense in the league....... They couldn't stop a high school team from scoring!!!!
  14. ghost168

    Patriots @ Saints

    Its not like the pats D can stop the saints offense........
  15. ghost168

    Patriots @ Saints

    Pats D sucks. They can't win a superbowl with this defense!