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  1. BuckeyeMiniMe

    DeAngelo Williams

    John Clayton just reported that he is still a game time decision but he thinks that DW will play today.
  2. BuckeyeMiniMe

    Flyers, Sleepers

    Rice - Stud Moreno - Okay Harvin - Talk him up then let someone else have him Beanie - Good until injuries begin Hixon - Good
  3. BuckeyeMiniMe

    Enjoy your time in KC, loser

    Like most players, I don't think that Tony G. was very excited about playing on turf.
  4. BuckeyeMiniMe

    Did I miss something with Steve Smith?

    I've noticed the same status for him this morning. Does anyone know anything about this? I'm going to assume it is nothing to worry about since it's not mentioned anywhere else.
  5. BuckeyeMiniMe

    Keeping 3 of 4, McNabb, McGahee, Portis, S. Smith

    I'll try to get Betts but I'm not sure how long to wait. Somebody will probably take him way too early, as usual.
  6. BuckeyeMiniMe

    Keeping 3 of 4, McNabb, McGahee, Portis, S. Smith

    Thanks guys. McNabb it is. John
  7. BuckeyeMiniMe

    Just drafted, not sure how I feel about it...

    It looks okay to me but if Dallas has a bad passing game, so will you.
  8. QB McNabb RB McGahee RB Portis WR Steve Smith Passing TD's worth 4 Rushing/Receiving worth 6 I'm taking over an existing team in a 14 team keeper league. I don't want to release Steve Smith so it really is a matter of keeping 2 of the other 3. Any advice? TIA, John
  9. BuckeyeMiniMe

    Congrats Tarheel Boy.....

  10. BuckeyeMiniMe

    Greg Oden to play tonight

    Bottom line...UNC won; congratulations. Having said that, I was thrilled to see how well the Buckeyes played and it really doesn't matter what the final score is in November. I want a rematch in early April!!!
  11. BuckeyeMiniMe

    Week #2 NFL Wagering Thread

    I'll probably regret posting these but here are the three I picked: Hou +13 1/2 Too many points IMO. Indy may go up but prevent defense usually will allow for a backdoor cover. TB +5 1/2 Tampa has had success against Vick & Co.; especially since Gruden came on board. Jax +3 At home on Monday Night Football getting points...are you kidding me? People forget that Jacksonville was 12-4 last year. It very well could be settled by a field goal, but I'm betting that the Jags will put 3 more on the board than Pittsburgh. I hope that Big Ben is in game shape or he might be having his third surgery of the year on Tuesday morning.
  12. BuckeyeMiniMe

    What will the Top 10 look like tomorrow?

    1. Thee Ohio State University 2. Auburn 3. USC 4. West Virginia 5. Florida 6. Michigan 7. Georgia 8. Texas 9. Louisville 10 LSU 11 Notre Dame
  13. BuckeyeMiniMe


    Bucks 35 Horns 24
  14. BuckeyeMiniMe

    most underrated band on the planet...

  15. BuckeyeMiniMe

    Tony Kornheiser on Monday Night Football

    The announcing of a Pre-season football game... ...I guess I would be bland too. I watch baseball until football starts for real. I can't watch practice.