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  1. Miller_Time_21

    This poor dead gay league

    It was only gay to you b/c you couldn't beat me.....and yeah, it's still alive and kicking. I am not in it, but all the old FSA leagues are still going.
  2. Miller_Time_21

    3rd Round Commentary

    Maroney and Brown are nice gambles in the 3rd IMO. Steve Smith in the 3rd could end up being the pick of the draft if Delhomme is healthy.
  3. Miller_Time_21

    2nd Round Commentary

    * Grant at 2.3 scares me more then Lynch did at 8. Not sure If I'm buying in completely just yet. * TO & Edwards were tremendous values IMO. * Bush is still going too high, 2nd? Really? This doesn't scare me, I just plain don't like it.
  4. Miller_Time_21

    1st Round Commentary

    A few comments so far: * Like the Moss at 6 pick, takes some balls to do it, but it's simply the best value after the top 5. * I still like LJ better then most, and would be very happy to land him at 12. * Lynch at 8 scares me.
  5. Doc, the more I think about it, the less I think I'm going to be very effective. I will only be available on Monday during the day, and the other days not until late in the day. With everything I have going on I think having one of the other eager members in the interest thread take my place. I could do #12 if you can't get anyone else, but I don't want to bog this thing down.
  6. Miller_Time_21

    IBL 2008?

    Just a heads up, the IBL board is down, and so is FSW. Not sure what this means for this league, but it does not look good.
  7. Miller_Time_21

    Jetdoc's 7th Annual Mock - Sign In

    Doc, I just remembered that this is mostly a day mock. That will cause some new issues for me this year as I am normally away form the computer during the day except for on Monday's. I'm still willing to do this if you place me on the corner so I can make back to backs. Bomb is willing to help out and I will send him lists. i will then make my comments in the evening. However, if you want to replace me with someone else I understand as well. Let me know.
  8. Miller_Time_21

    Any word on the Jetdoc mock yet?

    Looking forward to it as always.
  9. Miller_Time_21

    Kiper vs. McShay vs. Mayock

    Anyone know who had the most correct in their final day 1 mocks yesterday?
  10. Miller_Time_21

    It was great to talk to you guys again

    mail it to me, I'll get instructions back to you at a later date.....
  11. Miller_Time_21

    **Official Thursday Sign-In** thread

    crazy, that was when I was still young and dumb......wait a second....yep ,not much has changed, just not as young...
  12. Miller_Time_21

    **Official Thursday Sign-In** thread

    Anything to get my damn Kegorator back! I was getting thirsty! Just noticed how close I was to 12k, maybe I'll make a run at it today........doubt it, but hey, anythings possible.
  13. Miller_Time_21

    **Official Thursday Sign-In** thread

    I'll only post if I can get called a douche bag troll by the kinf of douche bag trolls, Scooter himself....... Anyways, Norm and RC blocked my access to the Kegorator until I stopped by to say Howdy fockers!