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  1. Peyton's Daddy

    Martavis Bryant

    Martavis or CPAT been going back and forth on this one all week long. Matavis Pro's: Better QB, one of the hottest WR in the league, Heath Miller comes back down to earth this week giving Martavis even more looks. Cons: Does he even start?, still splitting snaps with Wheaton?, Rookie WR, Big Ben is not going to throw for 500 yards every week. Cordelle Pro's: Number #1 WR for the Viks? Looks like the most talented player on the offense, with Mckinnon, that the Viks have, was clutch in the 4th quarter last week should carry over into this week, Redskins D likely in line for a big letdown after the Dallas game and short week. Cons: Bridgewater throwing him the ball, no consistency whatsoever this season, could be the "Trent Richardson" of the draft this year. Verdict: Going with Martavis so CPAT should be good for 139 yards and two TD's this weekend. I just don't trust Bridgewater. PD
  2. Peyton's Daddy

    Official Week 6 F.U. Thread

    Oh Baby Hawk my team is so sad at WR that I had to start you for two weeks and row and again your MIA. Can you least give me 60 yards.
  3. Peyton's Daddy

    Indianapolis Colts at Houston Texans: In-Game Discussion

    The Amish Rifle (FP)...yeah he can bring the Texans back.
  4. Peyton's Daddy

    Biggest Busts of the year...quite an impressive list

    CPAT Hard to win in fantasy football games when you drafted Megatron, Cordelle Patterson, & J.Hunter to be your starting receivers. PD
  5. Peyton's Daddy

    Official Week 4 F.U. thread

    Screw U Megabum and Bradshaw!
  6. Peyton's Daddy

    Streaming D/ST

    Picked up the Chargers today, take a look at their schedule after this week in Buffalo, its JUICY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Peyton's Daddy

    McCoy / Sproles Owners

    I'm finding the decsion to start Sproles over Khiry Robinson a tough one for me this week, Robinson is going to get a lot of work and I think Sproles comes back down to earth against the Skins, but I just can't sit the #2 running back in my league. PD
  8. Peyton's Daddy

    Anyone sitting CP84 with AP out?

    I think Rudolph is the guy who is going to take the real hit with AP out, he will now get full attention of linebackers and safeties, that would normally be tasked with stopping AP. PD
  9. Peyton's Daddy

    Colts RBs from here on out

    In most 12 teams Bradshaw was gone by the last round of waivers. Trent was my first round pick last year..trust me he is WORTHLESS! A rolling ball of butter knives. The only thing he knows how to do his run into the butts of his offensive line men and fall down. Needless to say, I scooped up Bradshaw last week, way better player, and if I get 4-6 starts out of him I'll be happy. PD
  10. Peyton's Daddy

    Hypothetical Question: 1 Browns HB

    Crowell to me is more talented, and runs like a young Marshawn Lynch with speed. Spend some time on you tube and you'll see the talent. The Browns tried to sneak him on the practice squad during the pre-season but realized he would get taken in a second, so they roll him out for their last pre season game and he racks up over a hundy. Pick him up now while you can! PD
  11. Peyton's Daddy

    better ww pickup?

    Avery (worried about Collie getting back into the fold) Hawkins (should emerge as the go to #2 WR for Cincy and will see lots of single coverage) Hartline (Do we trust Tannehill?) A.Brown (We still don't know about Bradshaw yet) Just my take. PD
  12. Peyton's Daddy

    players you can drop

    Fred Davis I'm booting his a$$ so far and hard come Tuesday can't wait to get rid of him!
  13. Peyton's Daddy

    Week 2 Fock you thread

    Fred Davis you focking bum catch a dam pass! Can believe I bought into the no Garcon crap and benched Witten over you. PD
  14. Peyton's Daddy

    Mikel Leshoure

    I believe this guy is a good buy low candidate here's why: 1) Kevin Smith could get hurt having a pillow fight on top of a cloud. May not even make it out of the 49ers game with both legs still attached. Smith is also only on a 1 year contract so not in the long term plans for Detroit. 2) Leshoure looked really good in preseason albeit mostly against 2nd and 3rd team defenses. 3) No Jahvid Best 4) The best way to keep Stafford healthy throughout the season is to slow down the pass rush and develop a dependable running game. 5) Leshoure has good size not the fastest of runners, but is elusive in the open field. However all of this won't matter if he gets caught smoking another bowl. I say pick him up now why the price is low, imagine what he's going to cost you next week if K.Smith gets dinged up in the 49ers game. Thoughts? PD
  15. Peyton's Daddy


    Correction....they call him "C-Hulk"