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    trouble logging in

    I am having trouble logging in? I am able to login to the forum side of ff today. when I try to login from the main screen it keeps saying processing login please wait. I have tried several user names and passwords. could I have locked my account? I also tried the remind password and it says checking email and stays there? please help?
  2. jim_2229

    Importing to League

    Just drafted tonight. Old school. No computers. League is on yahoo. Is there any way we can import the draft results into the league on yahoo? We can do it manually but I figured it would be worth it to ask? Thanks,
  3. jim_2229

    Draft Buddy Help

    Yes I got it to work.. I have been playing around with it and when doing the draft it seems slow. Is there any thing I can do to speed it up?
  4. jim_2229

    Draft Buddy Help

    I cannot seem to get the draft buddy to open in excel. It opens on internet explorer. There is no way of saving it. I am running excel 2000. Please help I draft tonight!!!!!!
  5. jim_2229

    Draft fairness

    I have a draft tomorrow evening. I believe there will be a few people who can't attend. What is the fairest way to draft for them? They will have no access to cell phone!! Thanks
  6. jim_2229

    What does it do?

    What is the best advice for drafting online and using the draft buddy? I remember a few years ago trying it and it was frustating to say the least. I didnt have time to focus on my team. to busy going back and forth. Any help would be appreciated!! Thanks.
  7. jim_2229


    M.Lynch,V.Cruz,A.Hernandez? Need one PPR
  8. jim_2229

    Trade MJD or NOT?

    I need a little help!! I am in a 10 team keeper league. We keep 2 players. I have kept MJD and A.Johnson. We did our draft order and I got the 9th pick. I have been offered J.Cutler or M.Forte or P Harvin and the 1st overall pick for MJD. I will keep the 9th pick. I would probably pick R. Mendanhall with the 1st pick. Is this a good trade and should I make it?
  9. jim_2229

    Quarterback Scoring

    I am in a league that if your starting QB gets hurt in a game or is in a blowout you still get his backups points for that game, my question is if the Eagles keep Vick on the roster as a QB should Mcnabb's owners get Vicks points when he is in the game? Any help would be appreciated!!!!!
  10. jim_2229

    Login wrong

    i tried to log in to order the cheatsheet compiler, but i had the wrong password 2 times now it says i can't have access. Did it lock me out?
  11. jim_2229

    Trade for LT

    The league is a point per reception. The available talent could be: F.Gore Cal.Johnson [b]R.MossT.Brady D.Brees[/b] P.Rivers B. Marshall A.Boldin J.Addai J.Stewart L.White A.Gonzalez W.Welker D.Mcfadden K.Warner D.Driver F.Jones T.Jones C.Ocho Cinco R.Williams TJHoush W.Mcgahee S.Jackson J.Jones E.Graham S.Smith R.White C.Palmer J.Lewis K.Smith The ones in bold are for sure available!!!!
  12. jim_2229

    Trade for LT

    I have been offered LT for my 2nd and 4th round picks? It's an 8 team league with 4 players to keep. The picks would be #10 and #26 overall. As of now i am holding onto MJD,A.Johnson,D.Mcnabb,and R.Bush. I am picking 7th in the league. Let me know your opinions!!!!
  13. i was offered to join a league. it is a keeper league. they keep 4 players. it is a 8 team league. scoring is 6pts/td,5pts/pass td,1pt/10yds rush/rec, 1 pt/20yds passing,1 pt per rec it was a 10 team league and they are going to 8 so there are 3 teams to chose from team#1 pick #4 in draft team #2 pick #1 in draft KWarner DBrees JCampbell JKitna KOrton JLewis SJackson EGraham JJones CBenson SSmith RWhite LEvans ABryant HMiller SSuisham JKasey Steelers Panthers team #2 pick #1 in draft DBrees JKitna JLewis WMcGahee KSmith LWhite RMoss BBerrian RCurry SHolmes CChambers CCooley JBrown PDawson Bears Bucs Team #3 pick #7 in draft DMcnabb KCollins RBrown MJones-drew FTaylor WParker AJohnson JCothchery BEdwards IBruce AGonzalez DClark JCarney RLongwell Jets Redskins Which team should i take? Remember i can keep 4 players. i'm thinking of team #3 with the 7th pick!! Let me know your opinions??